Snow etc.

Today’s topic: The weather.
It’s winter here in Germany, and it’s finally a winter with a lot of snow again. Snow is rare in Germany.
During the last weeks I thought again and again that it would melt away already, but it didn’t – until now. Now there is slush everywhere, and the sad sound of wet wheels on the asphalt that whisper a dream of spring’s advent.
Oh dear, how poetic.
So, considering the melancholic atmosphere, some pictures in remembrance of a beautiful winter. 😀

During the last month I got quite used to the coldness, so I wonder how I will bear the heat of a hot, dry summer in New Zealand… I’m not even wearing sweaters right now! I will probably die of overheat if I wear more than a bikini in NZ. Never mind!
And always look at the bright side: My sister’s fiancé says it’s important to stock up on some sunshine so you can adapt yourself to the time difference. Well, I couldn’t do that if it was winter in NZ and it was raining all the time, eh? 🙂


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