One Day left.

And so one whole, long week turns into one very short last day. Oooh my God. And there is still so much to do… make up my mind, for example. And packing. Hee hee.
Today I’ve said good-bye to one of my best friends, we were both close to tears and I had to realise again how hard I’m actually trying to keep on being in control all day long. I’m switching emotions from one moment to the other right now…
She and our  Aussie friend gave me a diary as a gift, so now I’m going to write two diaries of my journey, this blog and the book. It’s sweet because thus I can write down freely my very own personal feelings (the darkest ones, so to say ;)), too.
Tomorrow is the last time to sleep as long as I want to. It will be long. 😀 Only one day left… Time is fleeting. Oh my.


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