First Day

Actually this won’t be about my first day, really. I noticed that I just want to spend as much time offline as I can – as long as I don’t think about home and all of you great guys I won’t be too homesick, eh? I’m sorry. :/
Just something about my situation right now: I’m good. I’m really enjoying it, this whole country is wonderful and right now, I’m not overstrained at all. I’ve just opened up my mind, I’m smiling all the time and see everything as positive as possible. And that’s the best way to handle the whole situation and to enjoy it fully: Just live after the Kiwi motto: It’s all good, that’s choice, she’ll be right!
She is right now. It’s all good.
So now I’m really tired. It’s half eleven (=half past ten) and I have to get up at 6 a.m…. that’s earlier than I have to stand up at home! 😦 But it takes such a long time to get to the right part of the city… That’s Auckland. NZ’s biggest city. It’s very green, by the way – there are trees everywhere! It’s so beautiful, it’s not as grey as all the sad, uncomfy cities in Germany. Tomorrow we’ll go to Rangitoto Island. That’s when I’ll be connected to the internet (hopefully), so I’ll probably spend more time on the computer then. Until then: Gute Nacht!
Oh, and by the way: I’ve got sunburn on my nose…
So this was my first whole Kiwi day, so to say. And it was really awesome. But now I have to stop writing.


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