Flying is so boring.

No, I’m just kidding. Am I..? Most of all, it’s long and exhausting (again this word, I think I overuse it). Time spend in an airplane goes by like glow, or like a chewing gum. It’s really nasty. You are sitting there, utterly nervous, just trying not to think about… well, anything, especially not the security controls, or nausea or else. To that I’ll come later.
So you’re sitting there, enjoying your seat mates who are going to the same College like you, talking and of course telling them that this is your very first flight, and there the plane goes. Rolling, rolling, rolling… oh my God! Such a huge speed emprovement… And there you go. Fortunately I’m sitting next to the window and you can see everything. Here are the fotos I took:

Well, that was on the flight to Heathrow. At Heathrow we had to wait. And wait. Well, we had about three hours until the next flight would take off, but: Somehow we just had to gather at one place and wait for I don’t know what. There was one girl who had some serious problems, she couldn’t fligh via the USA because she hadn’t a biometric passport so she had to change the flight and go via Hongkong. Alone. Oh my God. I would’ve died. But well, I think that was why we just had to wait and don’t do anything. I was sitting opposite to a Whiskey Shop, and I had to think of Frank at once. πŸ˜›
So after this long time just sitting around we suddenly had to hurry… I’m skipping the controls right now, I was scared like hell but there was nothing at all to complain about, and I actually understood the POMs quite well πŸ™‚ Now: The flight to Auckland, via L.A. I haven’t seen much of L.A., and the bit I have seen could’ve been every German city, actually. And after ten hours until L.A. (I’ve seen two movies, Public Enemies and Inglorious Basterds :)) I was just trying to sleep all the time which worked out really well. But it was so fucking boring! Although I was sitting next to a Kiwi and an American woman. But still. It was just stupid. I got sick a bit. Oh, it might have been boring because I was sitting in the middle of the plane and I couldn’t see anything of neither the sunset nor the two or three dawnings that many others experienced. 😦 I can’t really explain the feeling of landing in Auckland. It was frightening, awesome (because I could get out of that plane) and most of all surreal. There were actually a lot of clouds everywhere, it was a grey morning. But still. It was okay.
Next time, if I find the time, I will write about my host family (it’s choice!) and about this beaut week here. Just so much for today: I’m very well. I try not to think about all of you, dear friends and family, so I’m sorry you don’t hear very much from me, but this prevents me from getting homesick. Love you all, see you soon (time is fleeting!!) and maybe you can catch me via Skype (I’m online at about six to eight p.m. (so it’s a.m. for you)). πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Flying is so boring.

  1. Hey, good to hear that you’ve had some nice flights.
    I love it to be between the worlds and out of time.
    You’re just sitting there without doing something.
    And after hours and hours you arrive at a new place to discover. Great, isn’t it?

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