Rangitoto Island.

We went to an island. Look it up via Google earth. It’s a volcano, actually, that’s why the stones there are black. Unfortunately we could only stay there for 15 min, and there were a LOT of wasps. That was stupid. But still. There was almost like, an exotic southern sea feeling! So there are the photos, or some of them. Some pics of my new German friends, too. And me.

Tomorrow we are going to Auckland Zoo! I will see some Kiwis, finally!

Oh, and by the way: I really love reading comments! So just feel free to just let me know you’ve had a look at my album, or else. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Rangitoto Island.

  1. Hey…
    great pics 😉
    my father loves them… he:”oooh Vulkane… jaja, das mach ich grad mit meiner 8.Klasse, sooo ein schönes Thema und hier kann man ja sogar sehen,dass die Steine, Basalt heißen die, schwarz sind… ohhh, das steht ja auch drunter…”
    so, he was VERY pleased to see those stones 😉
    And you can be very glad to have nice temperatures… we had snowfree today in school… yes, so much snow… Windeck has no salt to melt the snow…

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