Got There.

Today, Saturday I think, I had to leave my ‘welcome’ host family and go to Orewa per bus to finally explore my ‘real’ host mom. Even after only one week I was pretty sad to leave Auckland and the Haegers, but I’ve really looked forward to getting to know some people I hopefully fit in more.

So my bus and I (and everyone else) got to Orewa College – it’s so weird to look at it in reality – and I was realizing that I had no idea what my hostmom would look like; most other guys were already recognizing their families. And then a tiny (not that tiny but still) lady stood there, we looked at each other, looked away, looked again, and she said, like “Could it be that your name is Chrissie?” I was confused for a moment, because I’m not sure if I’ve written Chrissie as my nickname, and she went on “Or Christina?” And I said “Yes…” “And you’re probably looking for (she doesn’t want me to write her name)?” “Yeah, that’s right.” And she was hugging me and it was like, I’ve found her. So sweet. Or rather “sweet as”. But I won’t talk to her using any Kiwi slang I’ve learned, I think, because she wants me to learn British English, and I think she’s quite proud of herself speaking the Queen’s English which is fine. She said to me that I was speaking American English, which confused me a bit – I haven’t noticed that, I’ve thought I would slowly get used to the accent here. I think when I’m back my English teacher won’t understand anything I say (he’s been struggling already before I came here) because he only speaks American. Well. So much for that. I don’t have internet access for my laptop in my new home (which is so cozy! Lovely!), I have to go to the library, so don’t worry if I’m not online very often, okay? Especially concerning Skype. I start to miss you all, but that’s okay. For now.


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