A crammed Week.

This week is about to be as stressfull as the last one was. Tomorrow I’m going on the first trip with Mr Duffett, it’s a walk in a bush called Eaves Bush. There are actually two groups that are doing these trips, mine is always the second, and today was the other one’s turn. And… they haven’t had a good start. Half of the group was lost after a while because they were getting behind, and generally it took longer than Mr Duffett would’ve thought. Hopefully ours will be better :/
On Wednesday there’s the audition for the girl’s choir, yes, there is actually an audition for it. We should do something like that in Germany too, maybe even for the normal Music course… But then, nobody would turn up at all. Only freaks like me 😀 So, we have to sing one song, it doesn’t matter what song – alone. Totally alone. Without any instrument. Gosh. I’ll blush like hell, they’ll probably think I’m getting a stroke – maybe I actually will get one! Argh!
But I think I’ve made a good choice about what song I’ll take. 🙂 Guess what, come on, guess… The Irish Blessing! 😀 I think that’s a good song to sing alone, that’s why I’ve chosen it. There are so many other songs that I would like better because I’ve already sung them alone, but with a piano or a guitar, and they won’t sound good all alone so I’ll sing this one. Period. But I’ll probably sing it a bit deeper so I won’t have to sing the high G… If my voice broke that would be the most embarrassing moment ever.
On thursday, guess what I’m doing on thursday… I’ll go surfing! I don’t believe that I, I mean: myself! have actually chosen to participate in that… I mean, I hate almost every kind of sport, I’m totally unathletic and I never intended to learn surfing at all… Please don’t ask me why I’m doing it. This reminds me of one of the sayings at the walls in college (there are a lot of them, like “Your parents brought you up, don’t let them down”): “Everybody who tries will never be a total failure.” Great. Very motivating. Oh dear.
On friday… I don’t know what I’ll do on friday… yet… Most of my German friends are going surfing then (they go every week, how sick can you be? ;)). Maybe I find someone else I can spend time with.
By the way, next week I’m going to a youth church. Yes, me.
Yes, a youth church.

Yep. That’s exactly what I think too.

😀 But still. There are a lot of Kiwis too so maybe I can find some friends there. And they aren’t that religious, as far as I know, they are more like, discussing, driving around, going to the beach etc. So why not. I’ll just try it out. 🙂

Feb 16


One thought on “A crammed Week.

  1. Find ich toll, diese motivierenden Sprüche an den Wänden. So was sollte man bei uns auch einführen. Manche Eltern machen so was sogar auch zu Hause. Jedenfalls weiß ich das von irgendeinem amerikanischen Buch. Eigentlich gar nicht so schlecht. Aber ich würde mich nicht trauen, hätte Bedenken, dass das bei den Kindern doch nicht so gut ankäme.

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