Of Classics and Other High-Minded Concerns

It’s time for another movie critic. 😀 I’ve finally watched two classics that I’ve wanted to watch for years. No 1: Gone With The Wind.
What I found a bit confusing, or maybe rather weird, was the developement of the story. It started as a war tragedy, including a bit of love, of course, but then it became a tragedy of society, and in the end it was pure relationship tragedy. That was… unexpected. Especially if you’re used to one-plot-stories and one themed stories as are common nowadays. You really felt the book behind the movie, with all the freedom that a book has and a movie… well, usually hasn’t. What I hated about the movie: This stupid black slave girl. Gosh, I couldn’t bloody stand her. Her voice. Who the hell could possibly have such a unpleasant voice? And then her whole attitude. Why would she lie about things she doesn’t understand? Just to make herself look good, without thinking about the consequences? Thus is the behaviour I detest like dunno-what. Poor actress, how could she stand playing such a character? What good did she see in her?
What I loved about the movie is, guess what, the whole love story between Scarlet and Ashley, and of course and even more the one between her and Rhett. I guess that’s because it doesn’t have that unrealistic happy ending. It’s way more realistic that Rhett leaves Scarlet, although it’s sad, of course, I mean, they are both so unchangeable, they are locked in themselves too much and can’t develop: that’s why they would never adapt themselves to each other. That’s the psychological way to look at them; in a cineastic way, of course, I love to see them all develop and grow up and change. But there is no true change that could make them all become really happy.

No 2: Doctor Zhivago (or Schiwago as spelled in Germany)
I love it. I absolutely love it. The beginning was a bit confusing, most of all because of my English abilities, but that’s what makes a good movie, too: You have to understand it somehow through the pictures, not through the words.
What I like about it, maybe most of all, is the photography/camera. It shows an almost modern, revolutionary understanding of it. Some indicators for a director (/of photography) who not only knows what he’s doing but also is born to do it, loves to do it, and works with severe ease, if that makes any sense. “It’s a gift.” 🙂 Examples: Seeing nothing but hearing the sound of the railway. Lara standing in shadow, only her eyes are lit up. Here too you can really feel the book behind it, there are some shots or looks that are like a written story become alive.
The roles… First I didn’t like that the Doc has tears in his eyes in almost every shot. It felt like he’s a sissy. But then I realised that he isn’t, not at all, he’s so strong, actually… and lovable. I especially like the role of Klaus Kinski, and of Alec Guiness, of course. And not only because of them acting. 😉 All in all, an unforgettable movie experience 😀

And this makes me wonder what makes a good movie a classic, an important, great, unforgettable movie? So far I think it’s the melange of a universal story with a society-wide background important for everyone on the one hand, and a more personal story of realistic characters, their destiny or fate or whatever on the other hand. And one of my goals is to strive for perfection like this.

Now I’ve written more about these movies than intended… Never mind.
I’ll continue with my newest achievements: Two CDs of my current favourite band MUSE. I’ve looked for them for quite a long time, and here, on the other side of the world, I finally find them. Black Holes and Revelations and Absolution. I love it. Matt sings and says what I always wanted to say, he seems to feel (or to have felt) what’s in my heart to. It’s the thinking and feeling of an artist’s and questioner’s. It’s true, kind of, and deep. That’s why I love it.
Gosh, I’m sorry for writing such a puff piece (I like this word :D)… Some of my best friends always tell me that I’m always too obsessed with the stuff other people would just like or something. Hmm. I think I don’t want to be different when it comes to this. Passion makes live more intense. More alive, actually.

~ 6 Feb


4 thoughts on “Of Classics and Other High-Minded Concerns

  1. ha, toll, neuer Text, und gleich diese mengen! Dr. Schiwago…Pasternak (? ist doch der Autor, oder? wollte mich vergewissern, aber hab den schinken nicht gleich gefunden) wollte dieses Werk wieder aus dem Verkehr ziehen und einstampfen, hat es aber aus verlagsrechtlichen Gründen nicht geschafft. Kannst also froh sein, daß es das buch überhaupt noch gibt.
    …wenn ich meine Tochter verstehen will, muss ich also MUSE hören und übersetzen…

    • Aaah! Neiiin! Nicht uebersetzen! Du koenntest es falsch verstehen!! 😀 Und dann waerst du irritiert und machtest dir Sorgen um mich. Nein, nein, nein. 😀

  2. Ich erinnere mich, dass ich “Vom Winde verweht” auch als Jugendliche angefangen habe zu lesen. Solange das noch hauptsächlich Liebesgeschichte war, gings ja. Aber irgendwann hatte ich keine Lust mehr, weiter zu lesen. Ich glaube, ich habe es bis heute nicht fertig gelesen. Aber vielleicht hätte ich jetzt eher Lust, mich da durch zu beißen.

    • Ich find es ist eher umgekehrt, dass es als Politikdrama plus Liebesgeschichte anfaengt und als Beziehungsdrama aufhoert, und genau das fasziniert mich so: dass es trotzdem oder auch genau deshalb so ein Klassiker geworden ist… Aber das Buch ist ja viel laenger und langatmiger, wie ich gehoert hab, also ich weiss auch nicht, ob ich mich da durchbeissen wuerde… Naja. 😀

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