So that’s surfing. I actually intended to act all miserable and disappointed when I came back home but I couldn’t because I started laughing. I don’t have any self control… 😀
Well. There isn’t a lot to say. Just so much: We went there in the beginning of lunch, we means 10 Germans (two boys, eight girls). We drove there for one hour until our goal Mariwai (Beach). There we went to the surf school and got our wet suits and t shirts (for reckognising us, I guess) and then our two teachers Martin and a Maori whose name I dare not try to spell for it could be wrong started instructing us and teaching us how we would stand up on the board. Then we were pretty intimidated but even though got our surf boards and went to the beach where we practised getting up again and listened all scared as hell to the instructor’s tellings about rips etc and what we would have to do if…
And then we went to the water. It was freezing cold but we had our wet suits (we were grateful for them although we cursed them before because we had to stand in the sun for about one hour with them and it got really hot). Then we just tried… and tried… and let our teachers get the board and tell us when to go and stand up… It didn’t really work but it was fun. Then we went to the beach and Martin gave us even longer boards. And after some more tries (I was already pretty exhausted and convinced that I wouldn’t stand up that day) I focused on my determination and… guess what! It worked! In the end I’ve been standing on the board for about three times (for a second or so :P) and there were some other tries that I’ve almost made it. So I’m actually pretty proud of myself (although many of the others were way better, but that’s not what it’s all about)! 🙂
We went home, then, or rather back to Orewa, and I was home at seven. And now my arms are about to fall off and I still have to write some homework about “Run Lola Run” (oh, I have to comment on this one another time!) and I’m sooo tired… But it was a nice day, today. 18th Feb. So that’s surfing.


5 thoughts on “Surfing.

  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Aufm-Brett-Stehen können. Toll, was so eine Determination bringt. Ich finde es überhaupt toll, was für Sachen du machst und dich traust, ich glaube, das bringt total viel.

  2. Heyyyy!!! That’s so cool, I want to surf too!!!
    And is it -I mean Run Lola Run- is it with that girl with the red hair and I think its an german movie with Moritz Bleibtreu and I think she is shot in the end, isn’t she???????

    • Well, she’s shot in one of the endings… Are you confused now? 😀 It’s an episodic type of movie, so the story is told in three different ways with different endings and little changes all over – that’s actually what the movie is about: how little differences and decisions can change the whole outcome. It’s really cool. You have to watch it. Although you don’t like techno. Hehe.

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