I Should Write More.

Since you’re all dying to read more about me, right? ๐Ÿ˜› So, okay. This weekend is almost over, and it was a nice, but really exhausting one (I hope I won’t get ill). On friday evening my little Chilean hostsister arrived, she’s a lovely girl, and not being all alone with my hostmom isn’t that bad or different either. It’s another experience I haven’t had before – when I look in the mirror now, I feel strangely adult…
Yesterday, saturday, I had to stand up earlier to get to school at quarter to eight. Well, actually not that much earlier, since my hostmom drove me. But still. ๐Ÿ˜€ So I got up at 6.45 and ate my breakfast and then we went to the College and me and the other Germans had to wait for our teacher who’s organising all the trips for us. He was late. Why do the Kiwis always have to be late? And he never wanted to have a look at the permission slip… oh well. It’s kind of nice, actually, relaxing really, as soon as you are adapted to this way.
So we drove for about three hours through beautiful landscapes, the hills got higher and transformed into mountains and we went through the Coromandel Ranges. It’s gorgeous out there. Our first real stop was Hot Water Beach, we heard about every language there – it’s beautiful, but it’s also known to the tourists so especially on the weekend it’s really full. But still, we had a good time there, as soon as we had our hole digged and sat in the warm water (the water directly from the springs is boiling hot, you have to be really careful and mix it with some water from the sea (so you’d dig at one place and the water would get cold and you’d dig half a meter away and it would be hot…)). It was better that a jacuzzi, really. It was more natural. I loved it, it felt like a wellness weekend thing… but after some hours we had to go, and after another stop in a beautiful town called Tairua where we discovered the most gorgeous shop ever we went to Cathedral Cove. This is a place that I’ll think of in different ways. The walk there was terrible long, 25 min (officially 45 min) up and down a path through the cliffs and forests. Then you get there and it’s actually not as beautiful as the pictures of it on the postcards… I think. I think the main problem that prevented me from enjoying it very much at that point was that there wasn’t a single toilet anywhere. At all. Well.
After that we went to, er, I think the accomodation. It was called the Turtledove Backpackers and it was very comfy, if not luxurious. There was also another group of travellers, heaps of young people, and that compensated the fact that in the city of Whitianga there was really NOTHING to do AT ALL. There was a cinema, but the latest movie actually started at 7.45! Can you believe it?! So we just sat there, enjoying a cup of black tea and trying some pool, and then we had our fun watching some Kiwis and Asians who played afterwards. We went to sleep at about midnight.
On the next day the first thing we hear was a Tsunami warning. Gosh, that was something. It was because of this earthquake in Chile, and I felt really miserable because of my hostsister, she still doesn’t know how her family is. Well, this killer tsunami that would hit NZ, however, would only be quarter a meter high, so we didn’t worry about that. But we wouldn’t be able to go to the beach this day. Today, actually, it’s still sunday. So we went to our additional activities which was either High Ropes Challenge or Paintball (we five friends Veronica, Maike, Rebecca, Yvonne and me all accidentally chose the first which was great) and we made the right decision because none of the Paintballers looked very happy or excited when they returned.
So the High Ropes reminded me of my Outward Bound(r) trip last year, but it was more difficult. We had to walk on 12 meters of height and we did some acrobatic things up in the air on a log, and there was a nice flying fox, and – best thing last – a Tarzan big leap thing. Whatever. So we stood at 15 m height in a tinyย  “cage” and then just jumped (with a rope attached) and it was almost a bit of a bungy jumping feeling during the first seconds. It’s an amazing experience, I think I have to check if one of the girls has made a video of that and if so upload it.
Well then. Our day winded down with another stop at Tairua which was amazing because we had more time and actually went to this gorgeous shop I’ve mentioned before! There was all kind of ethnic stuff, beautiful jewelry and dresses and tops and bags, and I’ve actually bought a tiny ring, some bracelets and big golden earrings and…. a dress! And it lookes so lovely, I’ll post a picture of it, I just have to wait until my sunburn fades because now I’ve got really bad sunburn on my chest and legs especially and that doesn’t look nice at all, with or without that lovely dress. But still. It was an amazing but exhausting weekend and I hope I can go to bed earlier tomorrow. Next weekend there’s the music camp going on, I really look forward to that one, although I’d really need some rest. Nevermind. I try not to do a lot during this week so I can relax a little and get some rest. Good night to ye all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

– 28th February


2 thoughts on “I Should Write More.

    • I think you have to say “doesn’t it” or “don’t you” ๐Ÿ˜›
      Yes I have. Definitely. ๐Ÿ˜€ But it’s so exhausting! I’ve got something to do all the time!

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