Another Weekend.

Gosh, time is fleeting. I’ve said the same thing months ago, two actually, and it’s still true. It’s just that the last blog entry is about the weekend before the last, and therefore I missed a whole week, kind of, in which I haven’t done anything. Okay, I went to Orewa Beach all the time, I think. And to the library. I think that was really good, since I’m still totally exhausted thanks to the last weekend. I was on the Band Camp. And that’s what it’s been like.
We went there on a bus after the fourth course, it was a one hour drive and I was so sleepy all the time! I think I slept for half an hour at least. Kind of. I still heard every noise, but my brain was still in sleep modus. 😀 Whatever. So on this friday we practised for about two hours with the choir but still had a lot of free time in which we explored the beautiful Willow Park Camp. In the evening we played a game called Mafia, which is almost like the Werewolfe Game (for those who know that one). We went to bed at half past eleven.
Saturday started at 7 something, since breakfast was at 8am. Afterwards we had another two hour session with a man called Rowan something, he was a singer of a famous NZ choir and he did have a great voice! He taught us a lot about singing in a choir, and we did something called ‘voice matching’ – everyone had to sing a little solo piece (Mary had a Little Lamb) and then two of us had to sing together and swop places and sing again and then another one would join and we would swop again etc, until we all felt really comfortable with our seat neighbors (at least vocally :D). The improvement of the sound was amazing!
There were a lot more instructions about proper singing that I don’t really mention. However, it was way more fun than choir with our usual leader, since she hardly ever gives us the feeling that we are really good – we have to repeat the same stupid lines all the time! It’s so bloody annoying… And exhausting! That’s why I was really done with the world after all the other sessions we had until dinner. But after the last extra session afterwards we had some time to get ready for the PARTY! 😀 And what a party was that, now! I absolutely loved it. Because everybody dressed up, went there with the sureness of enjoying it, you know what I mean? It’s, like, in Germany we are always so suspicious, we think that it maybe wouldn’t be a good party or much fun or whatever, we always want to be convinced. But here, they (we) just go there and it’s absolutely sure that we will have heaps of fun! Of course we do! Why not?
So, where was I? Oh yes. So we had a really good time, although the party went only until 11. I danced my lungs out of my body. Believe me or not. I finally did. For about, let me think, the first time? Oh yes, it was the first time. Can you believe it?
Most of the songs played were the normal disco r’n’b music I don’t really like, but it’s good for partying. But one song was awesome, and most of the Kiwis knew it: “Time Warp” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show! I so love this musical…
So, the party was just awesome. I didn’t know I could miss partying so much, since I’ve only been to a few, but it was just so good…
In the morning, at half past 5, one of the girls in our room suddenly woke us all, because she was all dizzy and almost had a circulatory collapse… We were really worried, and I’ve just learned today (Tue, 9th) that she had some kind of water deposite near her tail. However, she couldn’t sit nor lay down properly, and she couldn’t participate on the concert. Poor girl, we were really scared that night, but she was scared the most. I guess she’s never had a collapse, for it is creepy not to know what’s happening and if you even survive it when suddenly you can’t see properly anymore (she saw black and white and after a while in violett shades…).
So the concert was nice indeed, although the Jazz band was the only group that was really awesome despite of the short practice time. But actually all of those Kiwis were musically talented, I mean, how often do you meet a bunch of youths who actually all clap on the second beat when listening and dancing to bloody r’n’b music?
The concert ended at about half past eleven, and then we drove home.
So much for that.
My host mom couldn’t come, by the way, she intended to, but she was angry with my host sister and therefore had to stay home and watch her. She was really sorry about that, so I couldn’t be hurt for a long time.
Oh, and when I finally was home I went to the warehouse (a cheap huge store for about everything) with a friend, but only for a few minutes because she was picked up by her host dad, and then I started doing my homework. At 7 to 9 pm we had dinner and went for a walk. Then I continued doing homework. Until 11.30 pm. Although I was absolutely shuttered. But well, I had to do two assessments and one long homework. So much for that. The assignment for Maori went pretty good, my teacher was really pleased (well, I just like to do tasks properly and tidily… :D). The Media Studies one… we’ll see. I’ve tried to analyse the narrative structure, setting and conflicts of the movie “crash”, and I have no idea how this one is, actually. I would love to hear that it was good, or good enough, or surprisingly good, or at least not bad… But if not, there’s something for me to learn, which is: not breeding over failure that was inevitable. The third thing I had to do was something about an extract of Noel Coward’s “Easy Virtue” in which I have to play the most stupid role; it’s a woman that may seem to be quite like me, but only on the first look and to people who don’t know me a bit nor have the intuition to see some potential in me, if you know what I mean. I mean, I have to play a religion zealous hypocrite who’s antiquated and stiff. So much for that. But you know what? Right now I’m getting used to the role and can finally see it as a challenge for my acting. I wonder how good I will become.
I love learning all the theory stuff we learn in Drama. It’s exactly what I want to learn. (And that’s no irony.)

~ March 8th


6 thoughts on “Another Weekend.

  1. Das klingt doch super! Das lernen zu können, was einen interessiert!
    Ich habe keine Zweifel, dass du sehr verändert wiederkommen wirst (wenn du überhaupt wiederkommst 😉 ).

    • Ich hoffe, ich kann diese Veränderungen dann auch beibehalten, und dass sie tief genug sind…
      Ich komme (höchstwahrscheinlich ;)) in vier Monaten wieder, wann genau, weiß ich noch nicht, ich frag mal. Es wäre jedenfalls so Juni/Juli. 🙂

  2. Partys… Ich glaube, da müsste ich auch erstmal in ein anderes Land, um sowas toll zu finden. Nein, ich möchte nicht ausschließen, dass es auch in Deutschland Partys geben kann, die ich gut finden könnte bzw bei denen ich mich wohl fühlen könnte. Naja, kommt ja auch drauf an, was für Leute auf ner Party sind und was da so gemacht wird…

    • Parties sind toll. Natürlich nicht alle, aber das kommt wohl auch auf die Definition von Parties an. Für mich ist es zum Beispiel keine Party, zuzusehen, wie sich Fremde volllaufen lassen. Aber ganz ehrlich – um Spaß zu haben, braucht man einfach nur die Einstellung dazu. Dann kann man so gut wie jede Party genießen. Einfach loslassen und ein bisschen genießen. Ich bin vernünftig genug, um das zu können. Aber man glaubt gar nicht, wie gut es tut, bis zur Erschöpfung zu tanzen und hüpfen. Man glaubt es erst, wenn man es versucht hat. 🙂

  3. “…see it as a challenge for my acting.” – Auf jeden Fall! Das macht einen guten Schauspieler (/eine gute Schauspielerin) doch aus, dass er/sie nicht nur Rollen spielen kann, die ihm/ihr sehr ähnlich sind.

    • Durchaus! Mein Problem war nur, dass meiner Partnerin diese Rolle für mich geeigneter schien als für sie, also ist mein Hauptproblem weniger die Rolle selbst (wobei ich auch einfach den Charakter nicht mag) als vielmehr die allzu bekannte Fehleinschätzung anderer, was mich angeht. Ich muss irgendwie mehr zeigen, was in mir steckt.

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