Just so you know: I will extend my stay here. “The simple beauty is just to good to give up yet.” No, but honestly. I don’t want to go home yet. I want to learn and experience more. I… There is still more to do and to learn that I have to do, I feel. I hope that’s not too big a problem for you all. But just thinking of having only two or three more free weekends before flying back… No. It’s just not the right thing for me right now.
Speaking of things to do: This weekend I will do my very first bungee jump. From the Harbour Bridge at Auckland. Most likely I will dip in my head in the Gulf. 🙂 I hope I will survive.
And in the afternoon I will go to some friends of the host family of a friend of mine and have a hangi with them. I’m really excited about that! 🙂
And on Sunday I will probably go to the Waiwera Hot Pools, a place unknown to the tourists but said to be about as good as the famous Hot Water Beach. And there you can even sit in a pool and watch movies! Isn’t it great? 🙂

~ 11th March


4 thoughts on “Plans.

  1. Do you know yet, when you will come home then? Is it three months later?
    Best wishes to you and… the others 😉

  2. Toll, dass du Freunde von Freunden hast zum Rumhängen? oder was heißt hangi? Jedenfalls nett…

    • hangi=rumhängen?! Nee! Das hatte sie doch vorher schon mal geschrieben, oder… War das nicht was zu essen?

      • Richtig! Ich stell auch noch ein paar Bilder davon ins Internet. Glaub ich. Wenn ich Zeit hab.
        Hangi=maorisches Essen; im Boden gegart, u.a. Kumara (neuseeländische Süßkartoffeln). Yummy!! 🙂

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