Well, well, well.

So this was Pakiri, and I have to write about it, while the tastiest smell of dinner is in my nose. I won’t write much, I think.

The day of our departure was my host mom’s birthday, and she was very happy about our gift for her – a tiny giraffe for her fridge, and a little sign for her garden with a saying about gardening. I’m glad she liked it.

After a short breakfast she drove us to school, where we had to wait and then put our gear in the bus that was waiting for us. Then we drove to the place in the middle of nowhere called Pakiri. Our camping ground was in kind of a group of trees/little forest, with sandy ground: dunes on the one side and grass and a river on the other side of us (there our adult company stayed in a little cottage, while we had to house in small cold tents), there was also a farm with mostly or just (I’m not sure) horses.

This afternoon we didn’t do much, we just had a look at the beautiful Pakiri Beach and did some little games (The winners could use the staff’s toilet or shower! Our shower was freezing cold and everybody could watch, and the toilets were long drop ones!). Then we cooked our dinner (most of us just had some ready-made meals, but some had noodles with something for everyone of their tent), played a bit Mafia and then went to the beach at about half past ten or eleven to watch the stars. What a night, the sky was absolutely amazing. Sleeping wasn’t that nice, on the other hand, it was very cold, and most people didn’t sleep well because of this (I wore about everything I had taken with me, so I wasn’t that cold). Amazingly nothing hurt that morning.

We woke up shortly before seven, and went to the beach again in a hurry, to watch the sun rising over the sea. It was most beautiful, but freezing cold again, and a lot of the guys who came to watch left shortly before the sun actually rose, since nothing seemed to happen for about 20 min. But I stayed, and it was awesome.

That day we had some more activities, I was in the first group for riding, and it was great. It made me want to ride again. To walk along the beach, trott through the dunes… Great. My horse was really smart, I think we would’ve become friends if I’d been more practiced and we’d had more time. It was also great for me to see again that riding – the riding I think of, at least – is about sensitivity and intuition. You just have to try to understand your horse and give it some hints to make it do what you’d like. It made me angry to watch other people talking about their “stupid horse” who was lazy and never did what they wanted him – I wonder why it didn’t! Hmm… maybe because of you, you stupid oafs (excuse my rudeness).

After riding my group went to do some activities: going over a rope between two trees, with another rope you could hold. Climbing over a 1.5m high rope without touching it. Getting from one point to another by putting boards on stones. Then we had lunch, and then I should’ve went tramping with my group, but I had an annoying little wound on my foot that would’ve gotten dirty and worse if I’d gone tramping, so I stayed at the camp (I wasn’t the only one, so it wasn’t bad or something). After another dinner we played Mafia again and then went straight to bed; and this morning I was actually warmer but my back hurt. I would’ve prefered coldness.

We had another great breakfast (first was an English one, this was with croissants etc), then we packed our stuff and the tents and tidied everything up, then we went to the beach for group pictures, a swim or for us a chat (we didn’t have our togs with us). And after lunch (sandwiches (toast, sausages, salad)) we drove home again.

All in all, it wasn’t that exhausting. But somehow I still don’t really feel… great. I feel worn out, somehow (hope you can say that).

Tomorrow morning I’ll skype with my friends in Germany, and in the evening we’ll probably have a movie night at my host mom’s (I still have to ask her, though :D). On Sunday I have a picnic with that youth church thing. The people there are so great. 🙂

March 19th


3 thoughts on “Well, well, well.

  1. Ich hab glaub ich Fotos auf Facebook von dem Camp gesehen…
    Wann wolltest du mit wem skypen? Hab ich das jetzt schon wieder verpasst? 😦

  2. Freue mich, dass du so ein schönes Reiterlebnis hattest. Wünsche mir, du könntest das hier auch haben.

  3. aiaiai, ist es der normale Freitagabend-Termin? So ein Mist, dass ich da immer fehle. -.- Ich versuche es einzurichten.

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