The weirdest Sunday.

Just something about the weirdest day ever. After the Pakiri Camp and the movie night I was totally exhausted and therefore didn’t know whether to go to the picnic of the Youth Church or not. I decided to go there but one hour after the beginning. When I finally was at the bus, I got a text from my friend who’s going there too “I’m home now, but if you still wanna go, they’re at the bridge, not at the beach any more.” Alright, I was a bit sad, but then. So I went to the bridge, and guess what, there were only like, ten people left or something, and I didn’t really know a single one of them. And ten minutes after I came they actually went away since it started raining. Great. So I just went away, without having said more then “Hello” and I felt so bad about it all again – being speechless like that really makes me feel like some kind of social misfit. So I went to the bus station, and started waiting, until I finally realised that it was sunday, after all, and the buses arrive at different times. So I had to wait another 40 min until the next bus would come. But guess what, it didn’t come. Another hour. Then a bus came, but it didn’t appear to be the right one; it said two places as destinations that were actually somewhere totally different. So I still waited. Then there were two girls coming, and one of them I knew from Primal (but she hadn’t been at the picnic) and guess what, I could talk again! And I talked and talked and it felt so good. Then, 15 min before the next bus we decided to go have some chips (and chicken nuggets in my case), and when we finished we had to wait for another 40 min. But that bus was late, and when it finally came (20 min late!) the driver didn’t see us and went on. So we ran to the next bus station the bus actually would pass because it has to make a loop. So we arrived and guess what, no bus was coming. Just a nice guy from Argentina was waiting too, and he asked at the bus company that was actually opposite of us and most likely the driver had been too lazy to do the loop. Great. So another half an hour to wait. And then we went to the company, just to be sure, and finally hopped on the right bus.
So I actually spent about four hours practically waiting for the bus. Sweet.

About Sunday 21 March


4 thoughts on “The weirdest Sunday.

  1. Oh Mann! Da fällt einem nix mehr zu ein. Aber so ist das am Wochenende (manchmal). Alles ist anders und dann noch nicht mal so wie auf dem Plan!

  2. 🙂 Definitiv eine dieser Geschichten die einem natürlich niemand glauben wenn man sie erzählt!
    Je weiter ich gelesen habe, desto mehr hast du mir leid getan!

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