South Island Trip: Part II

I’ll start right where I stopped. I even found the plan of the whole trip, so I’m actually capable of remembering stuff. Hehe. And I’ve got some pictures, maybe I’ll manage this time to put them online. So, where were I?

Day 7
That was the day of our journey to the world famous Milford Sound, which is said to be the most beautiful fjord in the whole world. We, the students who booked the cruise that day, had to get up quite early, at six or something I think, and then we travelled with a bus for about five hours or something. It took that long because we had a very nice driver who insisted in talking all the time and stopping at every nice place along the road. I actually mean it, I kind of enjoyed it, I mean, it was annoying because I really wanted to just sleep, but I could bloody deal with it. Some other Germans were like typical immature youths, like, really getting into their annoyance and exaggerating and insulting the driver (only in German, of course, they were cowards and knew they were wrong). I mean, what the hell, it was probably included in the price and if not even a nicer thing to do – you could actually learn something (I learned that there’s my personal mountain up there (Mt Christina (or Kristina))). However. Just rude.
However, we travelled through some beautiful scenery – some of it was actually used for LotR, guess what, for Rohan, grass hills and rain forest, and in those forests there was a special beauty since everything was bright green but there were small golden leaves or else falling on the street like… I don’t know… golden leaves… Just beautiful. Magic. I love those special moments, maybe noone else has noticed it at all…
So after some time we arrived at the Sound, we went on a small little cruiser and went all the way up to the open see, and then back again, passing great mountains and heaps of waterfalls and even some dolphins and two small seals, maybe babies. 🙂 I won’t describe the scenery to you since photos tell more.
On our way back our driver didn’t talk, we watched a movie instead (I like the sound in good buses), actually a Kiwi movie with Anthony Hopkins called The Fastest Indian, and it was a very good movie with nice kind of humour. And a nice ending. One of the seldom times that I was happy about a happy ending. 🙂 We arrived back at about seven or eight, and we were absolutely tired but even though went out to the city to meet some other German friends who happened to be there at the same time as we were (they went with Flying Kiwi(r) or their host parents). Nice night, although there was no club we could go to.
Oh, I forgot to mention the weather. As almost kinda usual we had absolutely brilliant weather. Have a look at the photos.

Day 8
That day I was really kind of hyper all morning, because we went through the “actual” Rohan. You can’t tell what that meant to me. It was just amazing. Look at the Pics. I just absolutely love the Remarkables, those rocks and the flowing light grass hills… 🙂 I’ve written a poem, inspired by it, but I won’t write it down here. If you want it, leave a comment and I’ll send it to you. Dunno if it’s worth it, but nevermind.
We had a stop at the Hauraki Builders, I think that’s not what they are called, but something like that. It was like, weird and totally round rocks on a beach. Quite a nice place. In the evening we went to see the smallest penguins in the world, there was a colony in Oamaru, so we sat there freezing and waited for hours to see those tiny cute penguins wobbling up the rocks and to their holes. Kind of sweet, really, but I dunno… I guess we were all sick of seeing stuff, kinda.

Day 9
We felt the approaching ending. Melancholy spread.
Whatever. We drove up to Christchurch which is a beautiful city, really lovely, especially with the weather we had, we were really lucky (am I annoying you already? We were annoyed too, so get over it 😉 I mean, I know I was really, really lucky, but hearing it about three times per day is annoying, you have to admit). Christchurch is a light, open city with a nice church. I won’t say if it IS the most british City out of the UK, but it did have a classy kind of feeling. I felt totally underdressed.
After some hours there we went off to arrive at Kaikoura quite late at night.

Day 10
The last real activity – and the one that is stuck in my mind. We went to some kind of Encounter to check in, got our wetsuites, masks etc, watched an information movie, drove for about 15min, then got on a boat, the boat got into the water, we drove for some more 15min and then… there were hundred to two hundred dolphins all around us! We all went out into the water (freezing cold) and then we made some noise to entertain them. The dolphins. I tried to make whale sounds all the time, others sang songs or whatever. And these Dusky Dolphins were amazing – they came so close! About ten centimeters, sometimes they even touched us… They were all around us, it was just beautiful. And the weather was amazing, the sea was absolutely flat! The mate at the boat said in the end that it had been the best swim for a couple of weeks… We spent about one hour in the water, then we got a hot shower on the boat, got changed and some hot chocolate and cookies. Absolutely amazing.
After that we left for our drive back to Picton at once; we arrived there in the evening and travelled on the ferry back through the dark night to arrive at the backpacker’s at Wellington at maybe 9 to 10 pm.

Day 11
I wasn’t in a very good mood, because I wanted to see Welliwood but nobody wanted to come with me, they all just wanted to go shopping. After two hours of that we went to Te Papa Museum for another hour. Then we drove to Tongariro National Park, where our luck with the weather finally ended more or less – we had quite a bit of rain, and we couldn’t even see any mountains because of the heavy clouds. Our backpacker was high up set, so the clouds felt heavy and pressing (more like Germany, really), and I sometimes let the weather affect me, but then I just thought of Mordor and the Emyn Muil, and that the feeling for that was even better that way.

Day 12
One of the best days of our journey, although nobody else would agree… 😀 But before I explain I tell you about an incident that was quite frustrating but encouraging at the same time. One of the guys in our van, the Harry Potter fan, got really angry because another girl who now is quite a close friend to all of us wanted to go in our van. That girl happened to had woken up the guy the night before, and sleep for him was a taboo, as he explained, but that still is no excuse for the way he treated her. He refused talking in a language that she would understand, insulted her and acted totally immature in quite some other ways. Just ridiculous. The encouraging thing about it was that the rest of us, including me, defended her of course, and I managed to make him understand my opinion about that quite well. Hehe. I taught him the difference between scizophrenia and multiple personality disorders. I hate it when people don’t understand what’s what, or rather think that schizophrenia is a multiple etc. but IT’S NOT. So much for that, thank you.
Where were I? Oh yes. So now I can explain why it was such a good day for me: We’ve visited an actual LotR-location, the Forbidden Pool, or Tawhai Falls, as it’s actually called. Nice place; the area around it reminded me strongly of Cornwall and the heath there. Rough and beautiful. I could easily imagine some scenes happening nearby.
Afterwards we went to Whakapapa Ski Fields and past the Grand Chateau (where the crew stayed). For me driving and walking through this area was like going through Mordor itself, but in a great way 😉 It was just absolute magic, thinking of all that was going on right there where I stood – only a few years ago. Amazing. Everybody thought I was crazy since I was so darn happy about every bloody stone… Oh well.

It was a nice ending for a wonderful trip. Maybe the best time so far, as I said, one highlight after the other. I really enjoyed it very much, and I need to come back and see everything again and the things I didn’t see. There’s still so much to discover. I hope I have the chance to do so. 🙂 Goodnight to ye all!


4 thoughts on “South Island Trip: Part II

  1. Danke für deinen Bericht. War so, wie ein bißchen selbst dabei gewesen zu sein. Im “Rudel” Delfine zu schwimmen…durch HdR zu wandern…was war noch mal “LotR”?? Papa

  2. Hallo, liebe Christina !
    Mit großem Interesse lese ich alles, was Du so schreibst! Ein bißchen ärger ich mich, weil mein Englisch völlig “brach” liegt. Da merke ich doch, wie schrecklich lang meine Schulzeit zurück liegt ( und dann denke ich….. bin ich alt !!! )
    Wollte Dir nur sagen, daß ich oft an Dich denke, und mich frage, was Du grad so machst !
    Lass es Dir gut gehen !!! LG Anja

    • Freut mich sehr, dass du weiterhin meinen Blog liest! Immer nett zu hören, wer so alles vorbeischaut. 😉
      Bisher fielen mir aber noch keine grauen Haare auf 😛 Und meine Gastmutter hat mit 74 immer noch blondbraune haare!! Du hast also noch Hoffnung 😉
      Ich vermiss dich und den Chor sehr!! 😦 Aber sonst ist es hier wirklich zu schön, um wirklich zurück zu wollen. 😛

  3. ….aber Du kommst doch zurück…., oder ?????

    Ich will nicht alleine in den Höhen quieken….

    und außerdem singen wir mal wieder etwas Nettes, in dem Paarhufer erwähnt werden…..Ich denke da mal wieder an das traumschöne, berühmte Gemälde vom röhrenden Hirsch….diesmal ist es ein nettes Weibchen…. Hinde… Eigenartig, jedesmal wenn in einem Lied ein Paarhufer auftaucht, führt das zu unkontrollierten Lachanfällen besonders im hohen Sopran.( Armer Achim )Letztens hat dieser Anfall sogar auf den 2. Sopran übergegriffen… (Ja Lachen ist halt ansteckend…nicht wahr, Elisabeth !)Christina, wenn Du in ein paar Wochen wieder dabei bist, werden die Lachattacken noch viel besser und länger…und lustiger….und lauter …und und und…
    Sei mal lieb gedrückt, Anja… noch ohne graue Haare..

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