Anzac Day.

Since about 90% of my dear readers don’t know anything about Anzac Day and haven’t heard of it yet either, I thought I should write something about this and yesterday.
Yesterday, saturday (last week), I went to Auckland Museum and spent about two hours there. The museums here are absolutely great, Te Papa as well as this one. Fist level was about different pacific tribes, their art etc, and about Maori (including marae, houses and a waka). On level two it was about nature and stuff, there was a room about the coast, the ocean, Maori again, and volcanoes. There I experienced a certainly disturbing and scary adventure: There was a little house you could go in, and inside there was normal decoration but also a TV and a big “window” (a huge screen with view of the neighborhood and a harbour). Then the show started: A mockumentary on TV told us how people in Auckland got evacuated and what was happening: a volcanoe was about to erupt. During that show I noticed steem rising from the water of the harbour, and it got more and more… Then it was on TV too: “live” about a new acuteness – and suddenly the ground of the house shook, the TV went off and there was a huge eruption of a volcanoe in the middle of the harbour! Then a huge ash cloud rushed towards us, the ground shook again as it hit, and everything got dark. The next thing was a view out of the “window” that showed us how the neighborhood looked like afterwards. Now that was certainly most disturbing. It made me realise what could happen all the time. Creepy.
But there you go: museums here are so well made, and you don’t just look, you experience.
The third level, now, was all about war. It made me very sad indeed. All those bunkers and quotations written on the wall and medaillons, and weapons. Especially the weapons. All those guns etcetera… Made me wonder how any man can construct them in the first place. Knowing that people will kill each other with them.
A very special moment was going through the hall of memories, where all the dead Kiwi soldiers who fell during the wars were written on marble walls. There was one row about the soldiers who died in Vietnam, and I suddenly thought that my host mom’s brother could’ve been one of them… Someone I met and like a lot… That’s such a moment…
And today is Anzac day, where all Kiwis remember all dead soldiers of the wars. It’s on television all day, different parades in Auckland and Wellington, services and else. There were also some documentaries on today, about soldiers who died, and soldiers who returned… All that stuff makes me really thoughtful and sad. So much carnage, so much killing during the past… And why? Because of greediness, because of power and mad men and fear and despair. Is that stuff worth it? Worth the death of thousands of people, some of them may have never heard of the politicians who sent them away… Fathers died, mothers died, brothers and sisters, children, friends died… And why?
Think about it. Be angry. Be sad. We all have certain obligations, but especially those who are heard in the world, to whom others listen, have them. They mustn’t let them down. They mustn’t.
At this point I’d like to write the lyrics of a beautiful song by MUSE, “Soldier’s Poem”.

throw it all away
let’s lose ourselves
because there’s no one left for us to blame
it’s a shame we’re all dying
and do you think you deserve your freedom?
how could you send us so far away from home
when you know damn well that this is wrong
I will still lay down my life for you
and do you think you deserve your freedom?
no I don’t think you do
there’s no justice in the world and there never was


10 thoughts on “Anzac Day.

  1. War is never a good thing. But it is good to honor those people who lost their lifes in war.

    It’s sad that we don’t have such a day here in germany. Because we lost also a lot of soldiers in WWII and also in Afghanistan now.

    • wir haben so einen Tag hier in germany, der SO 2 Wochen vor dem 1. Advent: Volkstrauertag. Und es geht auch nicht mehr wie früher beim “Heldengedenktag” – ja, der hiess wirklich so – “nur” um die Soldaten, sondern es wird aller gedacht, die umgekommen sind,Zivilisten wie Soldaten, oder die vertrieben wurden, ihrer Heimat beraubt. Wir halten allerdings keine Paraden mehr ab, daran ist uns wohl die Lust vergangen. A.R.

      • Volkstrauertag… das kriegt man ja nicht mal mit. Und da gedenkt doch kaum einer irgendwem, wenn er nicht selbst persönlich betroffen ist.

      • nochmal zum Volkstrauertag: in unserer VG finden nach wie vor Feiern auf allen Friedhöfen statt – etwas terminlich entzerrt, der nachfolgende EwigkeitsSO ist einbezogen – und es wird neben den bereits genannten “Gruppen” auch der Opfer von Terror gedacht.

  2. Thanks for your reaction. For me it would be less about honoring the dead and more about thinking of them and reminding everyone of the horror of war. Honoring sounds still too much like heroeism. I mean, there were heroes, but most of them I guess were just shit scared and died a pathetic horrible dead. Or live a changed life now.
    Yes, I haven’t noticed anything of the “Volkstrauertag” except that I may have read it in a calendar once. Germans try not to think about all this stuff… And therefore aren’t aware of the horror of war. And the thousands of dead people who died in any kind of wars. And there are still so many dying. Why?! It makes me angry…

    • das wirklich ärgerliche ist folgendes, ich nehm mal ein bild: da brennt ein haus, und ein paar ehrliche und mutige leute versuchen mit einer eimerkette zu löschen. in der nähe (weit genug weg, um sich nicht zu verbrennen) stehen etliche kerle (die, die das feuer gelegt haben) halten heroische reden, meist über freiheit, frieden und demokratie und verkaufen löschwasser, handtücher und fritten zu überhöhten preisen – und schütten, wenn nötig, noch etwas benzin ins feuer. und den brand haben sie gelegt, um sich zu bereichern, im bild wäre das bodenspekulation oder versicherungsbetrug. lauf jetzt bitte nicht amok! und schlaf gut. tut mir leid…

      • Ich weiß.
        Als ob ich Amok laufen würde. Dafür bin ich zu sozial. 😀 Aber ich kann bis zu einem gewissen Grade nachvollziehen, warum man Amok läuft… Leider. Natürlich heiße ich es aber nicht gut.

  3. Ich finde den “Soldier´s Poem” sehr bewegend. Toll, dass Muse solche Texte schreibt oder benutzt.
    Es sind übrigens meistens die Mütter, die auf die Barrikaden gehn und sich wehren, dass ihre Söhne für egoistische, unsinnige Ziele in den Krieg müssen. Leider hat´s bisher trotzdem noch keinen Krieg verhindert. Aber besser als nichts zu tun ist es allemal.

    • Matthew Bellamy schreibt meines Wissens nach alle Lyrics selbst. Soldier’s Poem ist der einzige song mit leichtem Jazz-touch. 🙂
      Meine Gastmutter sagt, die die leiden, sind immer die Frauen und Kinder. Was ich leicht unvollständig finde, aber das sind wohl die Gruppen, die sich am wenigsten wehren können.

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