I Can’t Take my Eyes Off You…

No, there is no secret romance going on. It’s just from the soundtrack of a most interesting movie I’ve seen, and it’s stuck in my head. The music as well as the movie.
And therefore I’d like to write about it. Oh yes, the title. “Closer”. Adapted from a play. It’s weird because I haven’t had such thoughts about a movie so far, I think…: I hate it, and I love it. At the same time.
All the time I wondered how anyone could do what the characters do. Start an affair, split up, get together again. About three times each. Nobody seems to be happy at all, everybody seems to be selfish and immature. And still… it’s not realistic, in my opinion, but I can’t stop thinking about it! And that’s why I love the movie in a weird way. It’s very provocative, concerning the dialogues – and I love it. Some of the scenes are bombastic, leave your mouth open, just because the actors yell at each other and say things you’ve never heard before – like this at least. Speaking of the actors. It’s brilliantly acted. I’ve never really had the feeling that there’s a person “acting” their character. It was more like… very clear and true characters. They were realistic, in a certain way. I loved that as well.
And so I now say “I can’t take my thoughts off you, I can’t take my thoughts off you…”


8 thoughts on “I Can’t Take my Eyes Off You…

    • Hihi. Lachanfall. Harry und Sally. Zuerst dachte ich, es ist ja wohl total anders, aber dann dachte ich, dass die beiden ja ziemlich offene Gespräche führen… Die Hauptunterschiede sind also, dass auch die Situationen, in denen die Charaktere sind, etwas offener sind, und dass die Charaktere zwar faszinierend, aber im Großen und Ganzen wohl unreife selbstverliebte Menschen sind. Soviel dazu. Hihi.

    • Hehe. Nein, das wird wohl nicht passieren, dass sich hier eine Romanze anbahnt.
      Ich frag mich, was du von dem Film halten würdest. Aber du mochtest The Hours, vielleicht magst du Closer auch. 🙂

      • Hm… The Hours… Ich weiß nicht, ob mögen das richtige Wort ist. (Ja, ich weiß, ich besitze den Film.) Aberich finde, dass der Film interessant ist. Anders.

      • Das ist gut. Daran erkennt man, dass es Kunst ist. Kunst will nicht unbedingt gefallen. Sie will auch abstoßen oder schocken. Und entwickelt dadurch eine ganz eigene Schönheit. Faszination. Ein Hoch auf die Kunst! 🙂

  1. Hey, i am just sorting my collection of foreign candy-wrappings and it came suddenly to my mind, that you could bring me some candy fron NZ! Or just the paper, whatever. At least something sweet with “made in NZ” on it! Would be great..

    • Sounds good 😀 I can see what I can do. I never knew you have a collection of foreign candy-wrappings! 😀
      There’s a shop in Auckland, by the way, with heaps of CDs, some of them I just knew because of you… So if there’s something I could buy you… say so. 🙂

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