A Horrible Week.

After such a lovely and long weekend it was probably inevitable that the week itself would be nasty and stuffed with bloody rehearsals.
That is because of the two shows I have next week; our drama play on monday and The Big Sing (a choir competition) on Wednesday. None of their rehearsals go really well, I’m afraid to say. We don’t have enough time for Pygmalion at all; we need at least one or two more weeks, and when it comes to my choir… Well, I better not say anything. Because of the bloody choir anyway I have to get up about half an hour earlier so I come to our additional bloody morning rehearsals in time, then there is an additional all day rehearsal on friday which leaves no time for me to look for some nice shoes for the ball… Plus extra morning rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday, and a whole day of rehearsing (and reciting) on Wednesday itself. And I still haven’t got my blazor.
Thanks to drama I’ll miss half of a movie that I’ve longed to watch since I’ve heard of it (Donnie Darko; the first half has been just absolutely freaking amazing, excuse my language :P). I will spend the whole noon and afternoon tomorrow rehearsing, and I hope it will actually do some good, because that is actually the very last day with rehearsals – and some of us still don’t know their lines..! Gosh, it’s just sick. Our poor director is done with the world, being frustrated because she can’t really work on the play.
Anyway. In seven days it’s all over, and I hope I can do a bit more on Media then. Now I’m totally tired and I’ll go to bed or something. Goodnight.


4 thoughts on “A Horrible Week.

  1. Arme Christina, hoffentlich wirds dann doch alles einigermaßen. Good luck! und gute Nerven…

  2. es ist viel besser geworden, als wir alle erhofft hatten. 🙂 aber jetzt bin ich krank und muss mich ausruhen.

  3. Hallo Christina !

    Deine Tage als KIWI sind gezählt !!!

    Geniesse noch den Rest !!!!

    Wir freuen uns alle, daß wir Dich bald wiederhaben !!!

    Einen guten Heimflug wünsch ich Dir !!!

    Anja, wie eine Hinde

  4. Hey, du Hinde! 😀 Ich freu mich schon, endlich wieder in unserem Chor zu singen. Aber Kiwi werd ich wohl immer bleiben, so gut es geht. Mein Herz schlägt hier… :)Ich hoffe ich muss die Bergungsaktionen vom Air NZ Flugzeug in Frankreich nicht als Zeichen sehen… Naja. Hoffe ich komme gut an.

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