Balldress Shopping

I’m on a height. I’m glowing right now.
Let’s start four days earlier.
On friday I decided to be crazy enough to use the last possibility to buy a ticket for the ball this year. It was crazily expensive, and I felt pretty guilty, especially because that used off the last money on my account.
On Saturday then I started my next goal: Buying a dress for the ball! First I did feel guilty, but then thinking about it – everything here is way cheaper than in Germany, and I don’t have a dress back there anyway, so it wasn’t that insensible. On Sat my hostmom drove me to a little town some minutes away and I had a look at a second hand boutique and a shop mainly for beach wear but with some nice dresses as well. There was one dress – the very last I tried on that day – that I really liked a lot, but I wasn’t sure if it was THE dress – it’s short, made of black chiffon, which gives it a very playfull, lovely cute look. It fitted perfectly, and I really liked it, but I wasn’t sure if it was ball dress enough.
Then on Monday I started a huge shopping day with Rebecca, one of my friends, starting at the mall up the street from my house. There I found exactly the same lovely dress and I still liked it very much. After some hours and about thousand dresses later I decided to try on some long ones as well. That was such a good decision (without being proud ;)), because I tried on three black long dresses, and they were so glamorous and gorgeous I decided to go for both. They really showed me what it should look and feel like, if you know what I mean. Anyway, one of them was really great, it even concealed my hips and belly a bit, but it didn’t fit very good. The next one was alright but a bit weird, and then there was number three. It was long, black, not too pompous, elegant… spectacular. AND it looked good on me.
I decided to have both dresses laid back for me, because I wasn’t sure about the spectacularity, so to say – I don’t want to show up totally overdressed, you know?
Then we went to the next mall, in Albany, which is a slightly bigger city, and the mall there is huge. We went further and further, from one shop to the next, and it was in a Pagani (r) shop that we spent about two or three hours; there were thousands of dresses and more, but they were a bit younger, less timeless so to say, more about fashion. Anyway, Rebecca found some beautiful dresses there, but they weren’t ballish enough – except for one, that was shining and glittering and therefore looked like a nightsky full of stars, to say it that poeticly. She bought it and I was a bit jealous, but then, my go in the Plaza was more successfull than hers so it was just fair. Plus I bought something there as well, a satin kind of t-shirt that looks slightly asian. And it was really cheap for a (more or less) designer piece. It was Queen’s Birthday yesterday, that’s why everything was on sale (or closed).
We went to some other shops then, but we didn’t find anything good really. Then we went to the cinema (Prince of Persia, a lot of fun to watch, typical Disney though, of course, but an absolutely heartstrikingly gorgeous Jake Gyllenhaal – I think I’m in love).
And today I had to decide. We went to another dress shop straight after school, but the dresses there were so bloody expensive that we quickly went to the Plaza again and had a look at another dress shop up there. I tried on pretty much every dress in my size, and some that were too big 😀 And then there was one dress that looked absolutely stunning but was too small for me. So Rebecca tried it on – and it fit – and she was in love. It was literally love at first sight; she found it, put it on, and was glowing in anticipation. I convinced her to buy it, and it was even a bit cheaper again (gosh, she’s lucky). Sweet as.
Then we went to the first shop again, and I tried on my favourites once more. And I loved them both and I bought them both.
Short and nice.
So far I don’t regret it. They are both stunning, I think, the long one rather than the short one of course, but any way, I’ve spent pretty much the same amount of money that Rebecca did and now I have two gorgeous feminine dresses that I will wear quite often I think, and therefore – I’m on a height. I think I try them on once more, right now. Goodbye. 😀


3 thoughts on “Balldress Shopping

  1. Sehr schön, dass du Kleider gefunden hast! 🙂
    Dann brauchst du (hoffentlich) hier nicht nach welchen zu gucken für die nächsten anstehenden Anlässe ;).

  2. Mann, bin ich gespannt, wie du in den Kleidern aussiehst! Freue mich sehr, dass du was gefunden hast.

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