The Last Challenge.

I think I’ve made it. I have succeeded in the last challenge before coming back home. It’s about finding the balance between being glad to leave this here behind and coming back “home”, and mourning about leaving this beautiful place, this perfect place. And I think I’ve managed it. Or I am, right now. It’s all about letting go. Appreciation. It’s all about smiling and wondering. Wondering about the beauty of every second, and enjoying even saying goodbye to many very good friends here. That may sound weird, but some will understand what I mean. It’s about saying “yes”. Some of them I may never see again, never talk to again even. Who knows? But in a way that’s okay.
Alright, I’m getting too personal right now. I’m just glad that somehow I’m finding the balance. I look forward to coming back to my family and friends in Germany, and I’m sad leaving from here. And it’s fine like this. Funny how I manage that just in time. It’s the last days, the last days of the best time of my life. There are, as always, some things I regret. I know what I’d tell some people if I met them again, soon. Like, the next day. Anyway. I know I could have done more when it comes to my career. But you know what – I don’t want to brood over it or anything.
I’ve got this great t-shirt, I’ve taken my Nevis-Bungeejump-Shirt and made everyone who is somehow a friend of mine sign it. Now it’s a great reminder of all the great people here (and some weirdos as well :D). I’ll miss my drama course especially, they are all so special, and I’m sure they will all succeed brilliantly in their lives and have a very special and moved live. Theatre people. As I like it. They are always the best… If one of you reads this, let me know 🙂
Many of these little texts have really, like, touched my heart or something. It means a lot to me to read all this. About “nose movingness” and “happy hippy friend” and stuff… It’s been just such an honour to get to know so many lovely and lovable people, and I realise I wanted to thank you all again and wish you farewell and a beautiful life. And hopefully we will all meet each other again one day. If some of you want to come to Germany (and travelling the world is such a great thing, as I’ve explained earlier on!), there will always be a spare matress in my room for you. And I can’t wait to come back and see you all again. I’m curious what we will all do in life and how we will have changed, but anyway. Alright, I should stop this now.
I’m leaving on thursday. Until then, I still have some things to do. Get the professional pictures of the ball, get a piercing, buy some more nice clothes here, tomorrow I’m going to the hot pools again, with my best Chilean friend… Gosh, how I’ll miss her!
Life is wonderful. Don’t ever forget what’s important and what isn’t.


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