Some Kind of Holidays

And thus I am, once again, in Gengenbach, which is both the place my mother grew up and the loveliest little town in the whole of Germany. In my opinion. Maybe because I have so many sweet memories here, and no matter how much time changes it, many things here don’t. Gengenbach will always stay Gengenbach. Probably because some houses here are officially protected (because they are so old and therefore precious). Here you can find many Fachwerkhouses, and for I think the first time I actually am staying in one. It’s called The oblique cottage and I have to admit, it does do the name justice. The place is in the Engelgasse which means Angel Alley and is one of the loveliest little streets here.
I’m the only grand child here right now, and it is a weird feeling, especially because I think that not everyone knew of my coming. Anyway. My parents are here to once again meet my mother’s parents and siblings, and today we have been dining out altogether which was lovely and amusing. 😀
Amusing, that is because everybody has their quirks and typical family habits. Such as discussing wildly and unreasonably with each other. Excuse my judgement, but it’s actually quite true. Lovely, because they are all so very nice and, in lack of a better word, harmless. On the other hand it was with her brother that my mother for the first time showed something like, well agression, so to say. Siblings can argue with each other like hell, but the nice thing is: you usually don’t have to be afraid that they are seriously angry with each other; they will always shake hands again. In my family, anyway. But it is a great thing, such an assurance, since it can help trying out moods and rather harsh emotions when you are a child, which, for such soft personalities as my family’s, can be really quite important.
I realise my style of writing has changed rather drastically, this is due to my reading of The Lord of the Rings (yes, I’m still working on the second part (in English!)…). It is fun, anyhow, to try out sounding British-ish and ancient-ish. 😀 After a while one loses all inhibitions and just writes things however it may come to one’s mind. Then, I shall think, the language is truly yours – for the moment. This reminds me of an extract of the work of a turkish-born writer who came to Germany when she was a youth, I think, and it took years and years until she could write in German as freely and well as she used to but couldn’t any more in Turkish. This was actually one of my fears about New Zealand: that I would lose my ability to talk in German. A fear totally unnecessary, at least after only half a year there, and never totally without German, which was really frustrating, I have to say.
I should write some more things about my holidays, though! Since I’ve chosen the title of this post in that manner. I shall say that my holidays so far have been very relaxing indeed, but even though not totally lazy. I’m working on my room right now, throwing out all the many things that are catching dust and remind me of times that are gone anyway. Childhood. Well, that sounds too sad; it’s not like I feel it’s gone completely or anything, but it’s time for a 17 year old to finally get a move on and to get a room appropriate, meaning adult. That means, to get rid of all the unnecessary things. I started with clothes; during one day I’ve gone through my cupboards, throwing out pretty much everything I didn’t really want to keep. Which means I literally have almost nothing to wear any more. On the other hand I didn’t have anything (good) beforehand anyway. So much for that. The next step was throwing out all the books, then all the little dust-catchers and thingies on the shelfs. I should do the latter again so in the end only the very best (or only good :D) things are left. To finally get rid of all the stuff I will go to a flee market / car boot sale, so I could actually earn some money with it. That’s another point; I shall really get some serious money together so I can pay for things myself, and feel more seriously too. I have some plans to do so.
Anyway, it’s getting late and I’m going to have breakfast tomorrow (which is worth mentioning because I haven’t had one for a week at least, because I always got up at about 12). Good night to ye all!
25th July


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