The Second Day

After a horrible night (due to a street light flickering next to my room and the attempt to sleep and to get up three hours earlier than usual which equals a lack of about six hours ;)) I had Gengenbacher breakfast which means: a pretzel and a long salty cheesy roll kind of thing. Then some aunts and uncles dropped by and they had a very long and very amusing discussion about what they were doing next. In the end we decided to go for a 1 1/2 hour walk around Gengenbach, and although I felt quite weakened from the restless night and early getting-up I enjoyed walking through the beautiful woods of the Black Forest very much. Afterwards I’ve shown my bungee videos to one of my uncles and aunts.They – I shall think – are the most adventurous and active ones of all of them, but still they were rather shocked watching it. Speechless, I shall say. 😀
The plans for this afternoon are going somewhere nice to have some cake or ice cream. Then there’s some time until my mother has an appointment with some official tax guy (don’t ask). Tonight we have to get rid of about ten eggs, so we are all gathering (probably in our apartment) and make omelettes. I think it’s going to be fun; hopefully afterwards we will have a nice evening, maybe we could walk through the town or something. I shall very much like to go shopping a bit. But that I could do tomorrow as well, since everybody is gone for some kind of special meeting (don’t ask about that either) and no grandchildren are allowed to that 😉 But it will only take about an hour or something, and maybe I could have a chat with another uncle and aunt who don’t go there either… Giddy, it’s complicated. 😀
In the evening: The rest of the day I’ve been playing minesweeper, listening to MUSE, taking a shower and then going for a walk around the town with my mother. I’ve had one icecream with two swoops (cookies and banana, yummy) and the weather was lovely, despite the forecast which said something about rain and thunder. When I was back and just about to start watching “My Blueberry Nights” one of my uncles came and without explaining we started making some kind of fruit salad with yoghurt which tasted lovely, but I was confused anyhow, probably so very confused that I started washing the dishes – I’m still absolutely dazzled by myself, as are my parents. I guess I will never watch the movie, but then I’ve made my family realise once again (hopefully) that I actually am grown up, although it may not always show until I’m living elsewhere. But still, when you are around your siblings or parents you usually behave quite like a child, don’t you?
The evening then was lovely; it was raining at last; an aunt and uncle have been there for dinner (including heaps of different bread, cheese, meat, veggies (I’ve cut a radish into a little mouse which earned me further cries of admiration), and some beer) and then another aunt and uncle came for a little relaxed chatter, white wine and bread and some lovely olives. A very meditarrean night, very indulging and nice. Then I read a little passage of LotR to my parents (after the aunts and uncles were gone) and now I’m sitting in bed, it’s eleven and I should be sleeping since those aunts and uncles come for breakfast, and breakfast means: half past eight. Aaargh. But I don’t really have to get up then, because they have to be off one hour later but I don’t, so I can try to sleep “in” and then have another lovely pretzel and then a walk around the city maybe, and then my parents will be back I’m sure, and maybe I can have another chat with those other aunt and uncle of mine, because they talk in English with me which I of course enjoy, and I’m interested in their work and lifes, so I’d like to talk to them. Anyway, we will see what the next day will bring. I have the feeling that there won’t be any time for much more chatting, but you never know. Until then… so long!


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