The Remains of the Holidays

Giddy, only one week left, and the monday is halfway gone as well. Anyway, this is a nice way to end the long summer vacations: My brother is here for a visit, which is very lovely indeed. We watch a lot of great and weird movies together, the best one so far was also the first one: “Naked” by Mike Leigh. I have to watch more of his movies. Also my congrats to David Thewlis who gave an amazing protagonist (or whatever you want to call him). Maybe I’ll write more about this movie later.
Plus I think I have finished mucking out all the unnecessary things in my room and tidied up the rest (I don’t know how often I have dusted during the last weeks) which leaves a totally tidy and huge beautiful room. For now. 😀 My father came in this morning, asking if I had somehow enlarged my room 😀 I said, yes, optically. And it’s true. I do say so myself, it looks great.
Anyway, enough of my room. Yesterday I had a great day of rest, with just doing nothing (except for reading a book for my philosophy class). I really needed that. In the afternoon my family played a game and me, my brother and my sister’s fiancé were joking all the time so my parents and my sister were annoyed, because we were really loud and everybody was talking over each other. It was great. Then I spontaneously went away with some friends and we had a nice evening (although we didn’t watch a very good movie :P) and then me and two others went to my place to admire my room (bugger, I didn’t want to mention this word again), and at one they were off again and I continued reading until 2am. This morning I woke up at eleven. So far I have cleaned the bathroom floor, had lunch and some ice cream, tried out a new hair styling, chatted with my dear Anna, whose birthday is in two days!! and talked to my dear Susi who is going to come every minute. I also typed some quotations I really like; an example may be
We shall not cease from exploring
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
by Thomas Eliot. Which reminds me of another quotation which says something like “When we have the feeling to finally arrive somewhere all our learning and inspiration is gone, and we shall fear this day the most.” This really made me think, since I feel like I somehow arrived somewhere in my life. I thought this quite some times before, but never this strong. And now I wonder if I shan’t be happy with that – but it feels so good. I honestly don’t think this is too true. Because my inspiration to improvise on the piano is back, although it will take some more time to really compose again. And something that feels that pure and lovely can’t be too bad, don’t you think. If we stop exploring or travelling on our way of life because we are too tired, we somehow give up – then I shall think it very bad and it really does threaten inspiration and learning. But like this I think it’s more like an inner safety I feel right now, which makes it highly enjoyable and not threatening at all. It’s inspiration itself.
So much for that. I feel that there’s a lot of… weird spirituality or something going on in my mind right now, and I suppose for most of you this all may sound very weird and strange. But I don’t mean it like that. It’s all just in ourselves 😉
Maybe I should write something meaningless and “normal” to come back down to earth. Today I think I will also watch “And Now to Something totally Different”, another movie by Monty Python and one I don’t know so far. And I have thought of two possible costumes for the next carnival (or other masquerade events ;)). I shall either mimic a baroque woman (or man, because I do have a baroque man’s shirt but no dress or anything) or Mia from Pulp Fiction. Why? Because I have fitting wigs for it. So much for that 😀


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