Surviving School etc.

My Kiwi friends never know how lucky they really are, and until they’ve been to Germany to experience school here, they never will. I know, compared to other school it’s not so bad here at all, no doubt about that. And I’m still very lucky, considering that there are much worse schools everywhere, and mine is really… let’s call it human. At least nobody tried to shoot anybody yet, which is great… And yes, compared to other schools there isn’t a lot of bullying and most teachers are good.
But I’m not here to tell you how great everything is. I don’t even want to write down all the problems I have with our school system, because most of my readers most likely will know it all anyway. I shall write about it all later.
Now I want to keep you updated from what’s happening round here. I want to pick up the thought from last time: I suppose my time of resting, of being somewhere, is gone again and things are being questioned again. Generally, that’s a good thing. It makes me feel slightly more alive. To search for something means that you can find something.
And that means: inspiration. I’m having a great time now, a lot of ideas. It’s especially great, because I’ve learnt so much and had some kind of rest – a real expand of the themes I’m interested in. Guess what – I, the unworldly artist, takes some interest in politics and stuff. It’s creepy. But it makes me hope that in some time I actually have something to say.
I’ve written some poems lately; I won’t post them here though, because somebody might steal them 😉 The problem is, right now I don’t have the feeling that they are good enough to be stolen. But anyway. I’ve started improvising on the piano again and I adore it. I feel like there is so much inside myself now that can be let out through improvisations, but the problem here is: I don’t just want to play something once and then never again. It’s like, beautiful little peaces of art touch the earth for a second and then are off again forever and won’t ever be heard again. I don’t want that at all and therefore I wait for my father to prepair his recording stuff so I can imprison some of this sudden art to be reheard. 🙂
Lately I have written three exams/assessments and I’m very curious about the outcome. I have no idea at all what they were like, they could be everything from A+ to C-. I hope that they were that good. After some months of school I’m now very happy to be on vacation although it gives me time to think about things, and I don’t really want to do that… And also I still have to think of school because there are some more assessments waiting for me shortly after the holidays, and some speeches, and then in November a huge non-school exam that will hopefully get me a certificate that will get me into pretty much any English university. Right now, by the way, I really want to go to uni in the UK or NZ. Let’s see how that works out.
There are some more news and I’m not sure about what else of it I shall write here. I’m looking forward to the second week of holidays, anyway. Some movie nights and talks with friends are waiting. After all, life’s good! I’m still optimistic and I just love being happy. That sounds kind of weird, but it’s what I feel like right now. 🙂


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