“Natural Born Killers”

Heavens, I’m so happy that I stayed awake to watch this movie! But really, how could I have expected anything else, with the director being Oliver Stone and the story being written by Quentin Tarantino. It was great fun watching this movie, and I absolutely adored the kind of surreal, associative images that appear throughout the movie. I really have to watch it some more times to analyse it adequately, but I noticed some great photography and sets, and I adore the acting. I never really appreciated Woody Harrelson before really, but he was great. Read some other articles about it all. I loved the whole provocative story and the characters, although I have to say that I wonder how people react to the attitude towards violence (they show it as the ultimate freedom). Wikipedia says that it was the favourite movie of the Columbine gunmen which supports my warning: Don’t watch it if you ever thought of killing people or if you are otherwise labile…


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