Piano Lessons and Quartal Grades

Well, the title says it all. Yesterday and the day before that we got some of our oral grades of the past quartal, and no time of the year is as frustrating as these days. Especially now after NZ, I have the feeling of slipping back into old habits I don’t like at all. I’ve got to work on that, but I will. I actually have an idea to do that: To signal myself and everybody else that I don’t stay the same and that there’s more inside of me than intelligent but rare comments I will cut my hair and dye it. Red, maybe. Or dark brown, but I don’t want to look too gloomy. ๐Ÿ˜€
So, anyway. I’ve got some nice marks and some mediocre marks, which I’m not very happy with. But anyway – yesterday was the most rewarding quartal grades day ever. I got three grades and all of them were way better than I would’ve thought ever, so I was in a very happy mood when I came home! ๐Ÿ˜€ The three grades were in Philosophy (4 points better than I would’ve thought), Biology (5 points better, though I’ve got to say that all the grades seemed astonishingly unjustified, in a good or bad way), and Sports which is just unbelievable since I had the image of somebody unathletic all my life, and I am not very fit nor interested in sports. But I can dance and I can swim and since our teacher is so very nice I am motivated as well, so it’s been the best decision ever to insist on changing the course. Because now I am one of the best girls of the course and methinks I can actually improve my average with sports! Something that sounded so very ironic some little time ago.
The other topic: Piano lessons! This has been so creepy and exciting for me. I had the first piano lesson today, and it’s not me who’s the student! So yes, I actually try to teach the little brother of a friend of mine, but that is way more difficult than I would’ve thought. Can anybody tell me how you can keep up a boy’s attention and concentration so he will practise all those annoying little finger trainings etc?? Only when he noticed the little wooden hammers of our grand piano I got his attention back and we could explore the piano. That part was great, we tried out different sounds and tried out how loud we could play and how the tones happened. But although I used to like teaching people even when I was a little girl, I’m so afraid of seeming like a teacher too much, in a bad way… So I really need my parents’ help with this task. Since I want to do it good, because I get money for it and everything… I hope I can teach him something.


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