Of Lighting and Writing

I had the funniest thought this morning, thought I could share it: Acting is like kissing. Don’t think about what you’re doing, follow your body’s impulses. πŸ˜€
So much for that. Shall I write about my acting lessons? I enjoy them very much, they’re really great and I’m learning to – no, not to kiss, but to follow impulses, and that is so very enjoyable. We are told to think way too much, to think about what we look like, how we can do it best etc. Although the best results (at least in acting) you will get if you just let go of anything and do whatever comes to your mind. I love it. πŸ˜€
Next topic: I was talking to my parents about a youth magazine’s request to publish an article of mine. This request made us all think about what I’ll be doing next, maybe to earn money as well. Since there is so much that interests me and that I could do well enough to stay with it. So I thought about writing movie reviews, or book reviews (but rather movies), for a magazine. Not like the “reviews” posted here, they’re not very good nor professional, they’re just little spontaneous reactions to the movies. If I was a movie critic I could publish such comments, but not whilst being the spectator in awe. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, movie critic. That was another little mind game of mine. But hey, I rather want to make the things criticised by others.
And that makes me write about my shooting plans. As many of you will have known before, I’ve written this script and now I’m working on a realisation. If I start shooting in about two weeks I can use the light that is so beautiful these days. Just this morning (yes, whilst having this funny little thought) I noticed a gorgeous dawn; the air is just so clear and fresh these days, plus some lovely yellow sunlight… Nice. Very nice indeed. But actually I’d rather shoot my movie during christmas holidays, if the friends required aren’t going somewhere. But then I will have my little casting sessions (I can’t decide who’s to play the second main role) and then I’ll start rehearsing, including costumes, make-up, camera sessions etc… How I love just thinking of all these things. I could never be just a writer or journalist or actress.


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