Thoughts and Developements

I’ve had a breakup so now a lot of thoughts are going on in my mind. On the one hand, I realise how affected I am after all, I’m watching myself so I won’t start glooming or self-pitying. On the other hand a chat with a good friend tought me how deeply I am rooted in my optimistic and calm kind of philosophy, so this is like a reassurance for myself, also concerning the changes that I have made in NZ and that sometimes seem to get lost in my German everyday life.
Alexis de Tocqueville once said “In difficult situations a man seldomly keeps his usual level. He either raises himself above it or sinks below it.” I think this is very true, and for me it means that I have a challenge again, and I like this kind of personal challenges. It helps me recollect myself and strengthen my personality, so I really think there’s a chance in every difficulty, a chance to raise and to shine, really. I try to look at it all in a positive way, and I actually succeed in doing it – well, most of the time. I mean, sadness and grief is part of our life too and it helps you to manage things, so I wouldn’t want to suppress it. But generally… I think I can see it all as another good experience for me. Once again. I feel like now I’m back in a state of thinking and acting that I’m very fond of. Funny, isn’t it? We’ll see how it all will go on. =)


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