Weekend and Week

Just a little overview: A lovely and busy weekend is almost over, I’ve done things like tidying up and washing until my arms were shaking 😀 I was so productive I then started drawing two new little pictures (link to my new gallery) – and all of that thanks to my newest discovery and obsession: a band called IAMX whose sound kept me at it.
I adore their/his dark, moving sounds that are just too versatile to be defined as a certain genre. Just listen to him for four hours, like I did (it’s about 10 by now) and find out. He is profound, sensual, alien, vibrant, fragile, sad, pompous… I like him very much indeed. Plus he has directed various of his music videos/artworks! How talented can a single man be?!
Well yeah, and today he has inspired me to do a photo shooting with a friend of mine, we were brainstorming for at least three hours today and have a great plan – I hope we manage to get some lovely shots this friday!

So the next week is horribly busy, but at least I don’t have any class tests at the moment: Monday piano lesson and practising a song with a friend. Tuesday piano lesson. Wednesday the photo friend comes and brings a lot for the shooting (including (broken) glass bottles, duct tape, plastic bags, aluminium foil, some lights etc. – curious already? :-D). Thursday acting lesson. Friday photo shooting. And Sunday I have my very first live session on the radio (sounds better than it is, I’m just singing two songs with two friends, and it’s bloody annoying because we don’t get any tangible information).
I’m really excited about this week, I am!


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