Shakespeare and Mr Welles

So I’ve written a new little review of one of Mr Welles’ masterpieces, Touch of Evil – you can find it here. More reviews should follow soon since I’ve been watching some very unique, or at the very least interesting, movies.

I’m also happy to say that the acting lessons are going on very well; we’ve been playing the balcony scene and are now turning to the nightingale/lark-scene. In the former, I’ve been Romeo (I never thought I could play a boy, but you actually don’t have to think about it at all – or maybe that was just me ;-)), in the latter I’ll be Juliet. Looking forward to that. We’ve been working with music, which is an amazing tool indeed, as I’ve experienced before. Thanks to The Cure even our Juliets didn’t languish at all 🙂

Some more Shakespeare I have in our English course, where we’re reading “Much Ado About Nothing”. In groups we’ve put on two scenes, and it was one of the best experiences in a course this year (although we didn’t even perform the second one). Working on the scripts, striking some parts, staging it, working with the actors, and especially all those little sudden ideas how we could add moments etc…. It showed me once again why it’s just… it for me.

Thus I’m also looking forward to proceeding with my little movie project during the next weeks. I’m having some more ideas to change and add things, so I’m really curious about our next progress!


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