Concerts and Movies

So I suppose there are still some very lovely things that I should have mentioned.
On 10th September I gave my very first (free) concert, and I’m afraid I haven’t written anything about it! So this was a white knuckle ride, actually – as I said, first time ever, especially in front of strangers and it was just me and my piano – but it was so worth it. It was at an event which was all about Cuisine and Culture, and my performance was actually the main act. I sang several covers of one of my favourite singers, Regina Spektor, the beautiful classics “Wicked Game”, “Cry Me a River”, and “Summer Time”, and also one of my own songs, “Acquainted With The Night” (setting of Robert Frost’s beautiful poem). In the beginning I was a bit too excited to sing as well as I can, but with the last song of the first half, and all throughout the second half, it just went better and better, and I daresay that I’m bloody proud of myself for it. 🙂

So, what else? I’ve been doing quite some painting, translating and writing lately, and I now have an account at DeviantArt, the forum for artists of all kinds (except for musicians, I’m afraid – you can’t upload mp3s there, but then you can upload videos). Copyright there is way better protected than when I upload pictures on this website; thus I have uploaded my new stuff there. So do check out my account,

Time flies like hell, and my graduation is not so far away. After a lot of faltering etc. I now have an approximate concept for the big black hole that appeared to be “The Future”. And therefore, The Future isn’t quite such a big black hole anymore. Nothing’s better than having a plan, an idea. And after all. “Everything is a possibility to move on on your path” is still my philosophy of life. So come whatever may, it will be good because I can learn from it.

Enough for the dramatic stuff! Some other sweet little news is that my wonderful acting teacher will give me thousands of old video tapes that I, as somebody who sees film as a possible art form, should watch. So I guess I will spend every free hour during the next months watching movies by Bergman, Truffaut, Antonioni, Buñuel, Kurosawa, etc etc.
Apart from that, I become more and more of a Wiene fan; I discovered this movie called Genuine – The Tale of a Vampire, which was just so inspiring. I’m actually planning to do a silent movie at the moment, not sure whether I can find enough actors (and time) for that – if I don’t, I still have enough editing to do and to practise with.

So long!


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