Jag talar Svenska … lite grann.

So I guess some of you might have noticed that I’m no longer around in Germany. How come?

It could be because I’ve taken that step from hanging around in my home country to hanging around in a foreign country. Which I’ve always wanted to do. 🙂 I didn’t think of Sweden when the first desires to leave good ol’ Germany formed, but then I didn’t have a boyfriend living in Sweden those days. Also, I like Sweden. So I’m really pleased with how  Fortuna has thrown the dice for me.

Yes, it's Sweden. Yes, it's a Lake. Yes, there's Ice on the lake. So, how is the German winter going? ;)

Yes, it’s Sweden. Yes, it’s a Lake. Yes, there’s Ice on the lake. So, how is the German winter doing? 😉

So, what’s the plan?

  1. Learn how to speak Swedish.
  2. Learn how to survive in the world of the grown-ups.

So, welcome back, dear family members, friends, and unknown Readers, for another round of Adventures Abroad, Life of Christina, What the heck is she actually doing? or whatever else you’d want to call this little blog of mine! 🙂
(…By the way, you can actually vote for a new blog title via mail or comment. I’d like to change “Anorond”, so feel free to suggest other ideas 🙂 )


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