So… what AM I doing?

These first days it’s all about arriving here. After all, this is the place where I’m most likely spending a whole year, so I definitely want to have that feeling that I’m hemma, at home. Which is a long term plan, because surely this is a matter of many many steps all coming together, one after the other. For now I’m starting to feel home in our apartment, mostly by wandering from one room to the next and brainstorming about some possible changes to do, hee hee. So far they include red curtains, a sheepskin, probably a red bureau, and heaps of plants.


It has begun. Bought this one at the local ICA. I shall call him Egon and He won’t stay alone.

We have also apparently started a hodge podge of strange instruments. It includes

  • a Ukulele
  • a solid wood nose flute (yes, such an instrument exists)
  • an E-Guitar (including a pod) (borrowed only)
  • an African flute
  • a Tin Whistle
  • a Zither
  • a Double Bass
  • a Violin.
  • and since Saturday also a Jaw Harp. Hell yeah! Jaw Harps rock.

During the last days I’ve also tried out what it’s like to drive an automatic, which included the experience what it’s like to drive on ice. On lonely small forest roads: exciting! On normal city streets: stressful! Småland, you know, is infamous for having icy roads although it’s overall above zero. It’s the rocky ground.

Speaking of which, some impressions including rocks and ice (apart from some ink-based paintings I’ve started a photographic Ice World series lately, have a look at my deviantart-profile):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2 thoughts on “So… what AM I doing?

    • Nochmal was anderes! Eine Kommode. Im Schlafzimmer sind wir in Sachen Schränken und Regalen noch nicht so ganz zufrieden.

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