That’s pretty much the way the snow fell during the whole first day.


View of our neighbourhood in the evening. I love the Swedish habit of putting little lights behind the windows.

It’s been snowing. And I’m getting to know real winter, not just the German Softy Version of it. Thanks for letting me know what degrees below zero really mean, dear Sverige… It’s started about four days ago and during the first long day everything just disappeared beneath a white blanket.

People kept telling me for weeks and now I had to learn it the hard way: my German winter jacket is no good here, which I’ve noticed even during the 15 min bicycle rides to the town centre. Buying a proper winter jacket was thus part of arriving here and getting “into” Sweden. And I had the weekend as a dead line. Literally, because otherwise it would have been a matter of time until I’d freeze to death.


In the background: A lake. Oh no, it’s not a field or something. That’s actually frozen water. A lot.

Aaaaand… I got one! Plus a cap. Plus a Fleece Jacket that makes me want to sing “Lebt denn der alte Holzmichl noch” or whatever it is you sing at Après Ski-Parties. DJ Ötzi or something. But this fleece jacket is just so good and warm I have to love it.


In the front: A semla, which is like a big cream puff but with almond mousse.

Other ways of getting into a culture is of course by their food. And you simply have to love Kladdkaka med glass. This was at one of our favourite cafés at Kalmar, a nostalgic insider tip.

I’ve also had Kroppkakor which is known well in Öland. It’s potato-dumplings with a filling of onions and pork or bacon (thank you, Wikipedia) and served with cream and lingonberries. Hungry, anybody?

Well, I wonder why I haven’t gained fifty pounds so far.

What else? We’ve been to Västervik on Sunday, visiting friends. Driving through the inner city in the evening made me wish to come back for some shopping. Little boutiques, beware! On the way to Västervik we made a stop at a picturesque little village for taking some pictures. So… Impressions of the last days, here you go:

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2 thoughts on “Winter.

    • Unser Lieblingscafé 🙂 Es ist ganz versteckt, im oberen Stockwerk von einem alten Haus, Holzdielen, alte Teppiche, alte Gemälde, alte Möbel und ganz verwinkelte Räumchen… Es ist klasse 🙂

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