Looking Back: A Week in Venice

551224_486720238023977_1111046506_nNo, I’m not all „Go North“. Indeed, I spent my summer holidays (one week) in Venezia with one of my dearest friends, Anna, and it’s been one of my favourite vacations so far 🙂 So here is my little travelogue on Venezia, la Serenissima!

On Wednesday we flew to Treviso, because it was cheaper than the Marco Polo airport. The madness already begun at the airport, though, before we even left Germany: Our flight was late. For an indefinite time. The nice voice from the speakers sounded very sorry indeed – at the time that we should arrive at Treviso our plane finally arrived in Cologne. Null problemo!

Two young ladies of good cheer thus arrived at Treviso, found a bus and then a cab to our camping at Fusina where we were greeted by loud party music and slightly crazy and drunk juveniles. At exactly midnight we lay in our „beds“ in our bungalow which consisted of exactly two beds and two shelves. Enough for our standards! 😉

On Thursday we quickly had to learn how ruthless Italians are with bleeding poor young graduates white. Or just tourists in general. They have no inhibitions whatsoever about just praising the most expensive way of getting from Fusina to Venice, namely a private ferry that was very convenient but financially impossible, so we took it on that first day because we didn’t know any better plus we realised afterwards that there were busses driving as well. And thus began the Great Chapter of „Travelling by Bus in Italy“ which would provide for our biggest „adventures.“385567_486721991357135_1285093501_n

So on this first day Anna and I began discovering „our“ Venice – by just strolling through the alleys, drifting with the tourist crouds, finding more secluded alleys, admiring the beautiful and partly decayed buildings, adapting to the lively, bubbly atmosphere, getting lost, checking the map, getting lost further anyway, and suddenly „accidentaly“ arriving at San Marco. There I was downright overwhelmed; it was comparatively empty; there was this huge, lusciously adorned basilica; in front of a café there was a fantastic band playing a rather famous tango – but then, was it a tango? For on the square a couple started waltzing, and that was such a beautiful moment – so very spontaneous, out of sheer joy, just going for it. In that moment I was quite moved… 🙂

385567_486721981357136_1598108930_nVenice is a place for the enamoured, anyway; at Lido, a little neighbour island, full of fat cat mansions, we sat on the waterfront, enjoying the quiet evening ambiance, together with a thousand couples who were having a picnic or just gazing silently at Venice, arm in arm. The contrast between intense, pulsing life and peaceful relaxation is really blatant and recurrent in this city.

Our meals enjoyed cult status from day one, by the way. Due to the heat I was thankfully never hungry, and due to our being short of money we only bought bread, bread rolls, or baguettes at the supermarket, with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls, or melted chocolate, or veggie salad which works great as a spread. Or we just ate ice cream. But not as a spread. 😀

Friday was a weird day, we only got out of Fusina in the afternoon, this time by bus, which took longer, was more exciting, but didn’t cost anything (because we had these public transport tickets). Finally in Venice we drove to the Accademia, the museums and the palazzi, but strolled around beautiful little alleys at once, when we suddenly heard soft magic music, followed it, and stumbled across two hungarian musicians who totally bewitched us with their otherworldly, jazzish-folkish-freeish music. We listened for maybe two hours and I bought their CD. 484040_486723181357016_824184599_nListening to them a young Venetian spoke to us, his name was Jason (?!) and he was slightly weird – Anna said, she had the feeling as if he had stepped right out of a movie. He had quite a sense of humour, and wrote us ladies a poem as well. Ashes to water, water to ashes…  Thanks, Jason, we won’t forget you!

Afterwards we found a Gr392212_486723781356956_1810766046_neek Clown who gave a sweet little show with his (sometimes) helpful little son who was maybe 3 years old. After that we wandered on, to the rather famous Rialto bridge (we didn’t know anything about Venice, so we just had to assume according to the masses of tourists) and back to the Accademia, looking for palazzi, but that was strange – we could always see them being on a boat, but as soon as we were on the streets they suddenly disappear. In conclusion we didn’t visit a single palazzo. But we did find a little gallery of an impressing artist who didn’t speak any English, but somehow you’re always able to communicate. And that evening we stumbled across a Jazz festival where a Blues singer and her fantastic band gave a concert at the waterfront. What a great atmosphere – open-hearted faces everywhere, some sitting in little boats, while the sun slowly sank and painted everything in blue and orange.

When we tried to get back home a lovely Italian spoke with us in German – as a result we missed our stop, lost all orientation, and stumbled along dark main streets, hoping for a bus that would take us home. De facto – when we actually had found two bus stops at once – an even lovelier Italian couple gave us a ride, what a nice encounter! It is a wonderful feeling to pass little adventures like these.


I will always wonder what these mates may be thinking.

Saturday. Again the busses played a trick on us. Again due belle ragazze got lost in the nightly nowhere, this time it was even creepier, what with the amount of ragazzi on a saturday night. But after a while we actually did find the bus we wanted, and met two Germans there who had had the exact same problems like we had and who told us how to outsmart the busses. 😉

Saturday was quite a low day, we didn’t enjoy that neighbour island Murano too much, and I guess we just got tired in general. I did buy a glass necklace in the shape of a dark green snake, though, and we did sneak into a church and got a peek before we got thrown out again because of our uncatholic clothes.

Sunday was beach day! On our way to Venice we got to know a hardcore punk rock band from California, great guys, so much fun.

The beach, then, was typically crammed with tourists who got roasted in the sun. Somehow it was still very nice. We returned to Fusina quite early in the evening, sat peacefully at the waterfront, got bitten by mosquitos, had dinner, enjoyed the sun set and said goodbye to Venice.

So this was our last evening. And what a beautiful vacation it was. What I really enjoyed was to experience how everything somehow works out after all. That’s one thing I got out of this little holiday – the improvising and „It’ll be fine“-experiences. Also the beautiful, international and lively atmosphere. And – after all – the great, strange, interesting and fun people I’ve met and I won’t forget.


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