Some Rather Random Facts.

  • This time one week ago my better half and I were racing through the big local supermarket for hours, buying way too much stuff for his birthday party.
  • We could live on all the munchies for approximately a month longer.
  • You can absolutely make Mousse au Chocolat with 16 eggs and one liter cream, no problem – if you have the right bowls. That is, at least three huge ones, I’d say. We had one. It worked out.
  • You can make a soup with a roux even if you completely mess up the roux until it looks more like cement than anything else. It’s not really that important, actually.
  • The more Swedish I learn, the more my English skills drop.
  • A roux is: melted butter plus added flour. Mehlschwitze or Einbrenne in German, for those who are too lazy to look it up.
  • You can drive on a (partly completely uncleared) forest road at night where the only tracks on the way are those by elks, deer and foxes – if you know how to.

Me: “What’s THAT?!” – Thomas: “The beginning of a cheap horror movie.”

  • I learned how to put on a new guitar string by both trial and error (still don’t know what I did wrong when I broke the first new string though) and youtube-tutorials. Thank you, all you nice music teachers on youtube! 🙂
  • I’ve been quite active musically during the last week, taught myself several new songs, writing one as well, and planning to start performing publicly soon 🙂
  • On Feb 1-2 there was / is an old feast called Imbolc/Imbolg, where people cleansed their houses (=> spring cleaning) and their lives and remembered how life is waking up in nature even though winter is still strong. The Catholics adopted the feast, by the way, calling it Candlemas.
  • Paper beads are really easy and fun to make, I’ve made 58 raw beads to be painted to far, will probably do a hundred more today, knowing how I like to really indulge in new discoveries. 😛
  • We’ve been to a concert on the 22nd. The Camerata Nordica is the best chamber orchestra I’ve ever heard, having so much power and passion and playing such awesome pieces of music that the tension was unbelievably pure and strong. The choreography by Tatu Hämäläinen was intensifying and inspiring, and the Ensemble Syd was just so good – I’ll never forget that night.

I could babble on, but these should be enough facts for now.



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