Words of Wisdom

I’ve been missing to share some words of wisdom with you lately. Mostly I didn’t because I didn’t have any huge realisations. Well, I did, but when I did I wasn’t posting much.

What I learned last year is that I am no Buddha (not yet, anyhow). I’ve long tried to be all serene and pure, when in reality there was this whole “dark” side of me left untouched. Consequently there had to come a time when things reversed and I was forced (or forced myself, however you’d like to see it) to explore that side. In my case it was unhappy love waking up the dark side.

And you know what? I needed that. In order to become a more whole person, to know myself better, and therefore to become stronger. Only if you experience the obnoxious feelings or attitudes can you start to accept them as a part of your self and thus start to transform them into something good. Because, as Pina Bausch said, “Your weaknesses are also your strength.” And, you can only acknowledge light if you know what darkness means.

That’s what I’ve learned last year. Some experiences and a lot of fear later I’m also just now moving towards some new answers. New? Well, I suppose it’s all old hat. I’ve been there before. In 2010, in NZ. Starting a new chapter in my life, living in a strange country etc. makes me see once again what I’ve learned there.

Put yourself in the way of uncertainty, of the unknown, the great wide open space.

Most of the time this doesn’t feel like it the moment I’m doing it. It feels more like “drifting into something terrible, half frozen by fear, not being able to choose anything at all.” But looking back shows that I have chosen something, or rather, some deep part of me has chosen it and I just went along that path. And looking back, realising how much you can learn from the unknown, from fear, how many chances it offers you, you realise one thing first and foremost: You are a blessed child. Everything must come exactly the way that it comes.

It’s the uneasy situations that make you recapture your opinions and your goals: Get to know yourself in all the different facets.

Because everything that we encounter is a possibility to continue on our way.   😉


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