Impulses: Virtues (Part I)

One of the things I like most is understanding thought constructions, beliefs, and philosophical systems. Another one of the things I like most is helping other people wrap their minds around thought constructions, beliefs, and philosophical systems that are new to them (and probably dear to me).

That’s why I’ve been surfing the internet a lot recently, looking for food for my brain, and new thoughts for my boyfriend, and that’s how I came across a list of virtues that are worth thinking about.

I’d like to introduce you to one virtue at a time, quoting some comments from the internet as an explanation. May they give you some thoughts as well!


~ Beauty ~ P1010813cut

Beauty, you say? A curious thing to start a list of virtues with. Most people on yahoo-answers ( 😉 ) say it’s not a virtue, unless maybe it’s beauty from within. Which seperates the outside from the inside. But isn’t it connected?

Schiller says that it’s beauty through which we wander towards freedom. For him beauty means balance. A beautiful person would be a person who can balance their desires and impulses on the one hand, and their intellect on the other hand. If we can do this, we have a foundation from which we can decide what’s the right thing to do.

Not so superficial now, is it? So what’s the comment here?

“Not being limited to physical beauty, the virtue of beauty is expressed when one embraces the authenticity of one’s true self and true will. Beauty also refers to the appreciation and the expression of balance, harmony, and wholeness. There is inherent beauty in the interplay of the balance of light and dark, pleasure and pain, and life and death.

Lastly, beauty reminds us to notice and appreciate the quality of Nature and life all around us. Beauty presents itself as daily gifts given to us and should not to be taken for granted.”

Yes! I’ll leave you with that.


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