Impulses: Virtues (Part II)

Let’s have another of our uncommon virtues!


~ Strength ~

And I don’t really know much to say about this one, except maybe: These virtues are paired as complements. How is strength complementing beauty? Or does it just seem like it’s opposing, because in our heads we still see that possessing A automatically excludes the possibility of possessing B? Like, weakness was part of an “oldschool” woman’s beauty. Strength is what matters for men.

Well, I guess we’re way above that, and please let me point out the difference between “complement” and “opposite”. If those virtue pairs were opposing each other, they couldn’t exist along each other. But complementing means that they can’t exist without each other. There’s a conditional tension between them that brings these two together. Let’s keep that in mind: Pairing up these virtues is an example, or symbol, for the polarity that conditions all being and holds it together.

I guess that’s why there’s so much tension in the world. 😉



“Much more than just possessing physical strength, this virtue also refers to the strengths of beliefs, ethics, will, and conviction. It takes great strength to say and do the right thing or hold true to your beliefs, especially during adversity or those “lean” times.

The virtue of strength also is expressed when one is gentle, loving, and calm in the face of fear, pain, or times of tragedy.”


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