Summer Is Not Over

pleaseThat’s what I’ve been telling myself, but it won’t work for much longer. The wind is getting colder, although the sun is still warming and bright days are behind me and to come. Leaves are de-greening everywhere and the trees are colouring themselves in an intense yellow. But summer won’t be over until I’ve told you about our gorgeous summer vacation, which I’ll do during the next days! I still haven’t looked through all the pictures and videos I’ve taken during these three weeks.

The last weeks (or even months), though, I’ve worked on making books which are for sale (a new page with pictures are soon to come), and I’ve started a new painting series with quotations. The first one is ready and new canvases have been bought today, so more are to come.

Furthermore a little advertisement film is in the works; the first shooting day was a success and the next one will follow soon, I hope.


And I’ve gotten a new haircut.

So much for the news, for now. 😉


4 thoughts on “Summer Is Not Over

  1. Sounds great! I really like your painting! – although I don’t know, what the quotation says…
    You are making books? What kind of books? Tell more about it! 🙂
    Best wishes,

    • Thanks so much! It says “Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space,” I really liked the thought behind that: You, just by being who you are and being in a certain mood, bring a certain energy with you and thus should be aware and caring about it, because it affects those around you. 🙂

      More about the books is to come very soon!!

      Hug back 🙂

      • So, the quotation is an interesting thought but not the right one for everybody – just like every quotation does not fit into every situation… No one can always be caring, what one provokes, and one can’t always even know, what one is provoking.
        Well, that’s the other side.

      • It absolutely is! Very true. It’s like usual: Some people care too much, some care too less. And some are even more affected by atmospheres and vibes than others.
        On the other hand, taking responsibility isn’t the same as hiding your emotions because they could hurt somebody… I actually think of this quote quite often 😉

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