As promised, a new page is now being worked on. You can look at the first pictures here

Credits of my bookbinding skills go to my wonderful friend Emma, who is a talented and versatile artist and artisan!
Personally I’m still at the beginning of this new hobby right now, so things don’t always go perfectly well; glue is drying too fast; paper and cover don’t fit perfectly although I measured twenty times*… but it’s even greater to notice how I get better with every little project.

If you happen to be interested in purchasing a book of mine, please contact me. I’m also always open for customizing, so if you specify your wishes I’m happy to try my best to fulfill them.


*Have you ever had that problem? I do hope I’m not alone with it. Mathematics, whatever grade, geography: draw a geometric shape with the measurements X. I always measured and drew SO carefully. And it NEVER, EVER worked out. Seems like this is a neverending story: Even now things actually work out better when I just measure roughly and then estimate.


One thought on “Books!

  1. Wir kennen einen Pfarrer, der Buchbinderei als Hobby hat, aber das wohl sehr professionell studiert/ gelernt hat. Sollen wir dir den Kontakt herstellen?

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