Photo courtesy by Thomas Kiefer

Exciting news! My wonderful friend Emma and I are displaying some of our paintings at the Coffeehouse in Oskarshamn. Official opening will be on the Kulturnatten (Culture Night) on November 8th.

Today and yesterday we’ve put up our exhibits, moved around furniture (it is a café, after all), plugged out light bulbs, plugged in spotlights… A great experience to see how other artists (namely Emma) work something like this out; I would put up pictures pretty randomly and then just move them around until I like it – she, however, would stare at the wall, think for some time and then just put them up perfectly arranged. 😉 

Now there’s only a bit of advertisement left for us to do tomorrow. We do need contact informations and posters, after all.



2 thoughts on “Kulturnatten

    • Es ist superspannend und macht richtig viel Spaß, sich da reinzuhängen!
      Das hat mich meine ganze Seite hier bearbeiten lassen – es wird schließlich Visitenkarten geben, wo diese Internetadresse draufsteht… 😉

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