It’s A New World

These last weeks have been madness! My Sweden-adventure has come to an end, and way faster than I had expected. In just seven weeks I had a break-up, a trip to Germany for the holidays, my second (and probably last) New Year celebration in Sweden again, then some weeks of planning my new dawning future – university, a place to stay and live at, and some future possibilities: art colleges and the like. Some time in these weeks my father came to Sweden to help me move back to Germany, first to my parents again, where I am right now.

But not for much longer! I found a university that would start with a summer term, then found the perfect flat with the most perfect flat mates, went there last sunday to meet them, and yesterday I got their decision that I could, in fact, move in. Pure happiness!! 😀 I will therefore move again, in March, and see how I will like living in a flat share in a strange city!

Now, these days I also want to start some art projects, mainly film projects, but honestly – I have never felt so uncreative and uninspired as I do right now. Probably that’s just normal with all the practical plannings and thinking. But I will go visit my friends in Hamburg tomorrow, maybe I find a bit inspiration there.

Quite a bit going on here, isn’t it?!


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