Moving is a funny thing. It is now the second time in two months that I’ve moved, first from Sweden back to my parents, and now, the day before yesterday, into my new flat in my new home. Thanks to my lovely parents who have been helping, my room is now already renovated, just has to be organised. I’ll take some more days for that… 😉

What I can say about it for sure is: It is so bloody exhausting. I just want to lie in bed all day and sleep and read. But I didn’t. Speaking of beds: This morning fortunately my new bed arrived and I’ve built it up in one and a half hours. Considering that I did it on my own and for the first time, I think I did a very good job 😉 The next days I shall use for exploring the city (started with that today) and tidying up my room and sleeping lots and making lots of art as well. I’m exhausted. I need some artistic sublimation. 😉

My room has a window on the eastern side, and this morning the sun rose and shone bright into my room, onto my bed – that’s a lovely way to start your day!


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