The first Month

I seriously cannot believe I’ve been here for one whole month. It feels like ages, but in a good way – like I’m just supposed to be here.

After getting getting my room nice and cosy, I now work on our balcony. I made plans with my room mate including LED chains of light, maybe even some who can change colours, as my boyfriend has. But for now I’ve been tidying up and cleaning the balcony and planting crops: gerania, hyacinths, oregano, and basil.

Oh, the joy of spotting the first green sprouts!

Oh, the joy of spotting the first green sprouts!


Now, what’s way more interesting: In the midst of march I went to a workshop from the SAE Institue (which I got to know in 2010 in NZ), introducing us to digital filming. It was a lovely experience and definitely made me fall in love more with the production process. You know, most people probably would be totally smashed after several hours of professional filming in the bright sun. I just wanted more. 😀

Two weeks later I had my job interview for an internship at the Rottstr 5 theatre and ever since I’ve spent my days there, helping where I can, getting to know everyone and everything that’s part of the theatre life. And gosh, how I love it! Two days ago my first assistance started, for the production of “Waiting for Godot”. It’s bloody exhausting, but at the same time exhilarating to watch the director help the actors breathe life into the words. It’s magic to watch him say exactly the right thing to make them act their best..!

I love the people of the Rottstr already, and they’ve been unbelieveably welcoming and warm, from the very first second. 🙂


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