A Short Vacation

Do you ever get the feeling that you are right where you belong? Of course you do, otherwise I’d feel sad for you. 😛

”I’d love to go on vacation now before work starts again.”
”Me too! Let’s go together!”
”Yes! The day after tomorrow?”

I found the perfect travelling partner, after several months of planning and cancellings, just one week before I’d start working again. After some considering we did blind booking, meaning we had a list of some cities and only knew where we’d go after we had booked. And the destination was… Zurich! The least anticipated and most expensive city on the list, only for one and a half days, but hey, a new environment, new experiences – let’s go!

And when we arrived, we were stunned by the beauty and grandeur of Zurich. We didn’t think of any special places, but our hostel manager was eager to show us her favourite places on the map.P1160017

That same night we met some guys on the balcony, we started smoking, drinking wine and whiskey, and talking about ourselves. A playboy photographer from Saint Tropez, a Dutch gay couple with a spiritual twist, two Dutch young guys travelling around Europe. ”If you don’t travel, you will never expand your horizon,” was one of the sentences most heard.


When we were sent away from the balcony, we kept drinking and talking in front of the hostel for a long time, where a South Korean and a Texan architect joined us. We exchanged facebook contacts, laughter and stories. I sang the anthem of New Zealand and learned some Dutch curses. At some point there were six languages spoken in.

Refreshed by the new connections, we left early the other morning and strolled around the city and to the lake. We went to the Chinese garden, saw Chagall’s church windows, had some deep conversations by the river and lastly in an expensive restaurant. After those few hours we felt at home in Zurich already. Even later we caught up on the balcony again, where we also met a native Peruvian who gave me a beautiful bracelet and more.IMG_3596

Early in the morning and, of course, late and stressed out, we said goodbye to the gorgeous city and flew back home again. And the morals of the story? No matter your budget, no matter for how long, if you can travel, do it. The new faces, new stories, new impressions, are always worth it. It helped that we had beautiful weather and a strong feeling that it was our destiny to spend these days in Zurich. Go where your heart leads you to!


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