About Me

“We are appointed to love and to live without fear and to be everything that we are capable to be.” — Unknown

blogpicTwenty-four years ago, out of undefined spirit, my soul formed and found its way into the world of humans. 😉 Since then a lot has happened and a lot was done. Steps were taken, interests were formed, philosophies have been developed and dismissed again.

What steps?
Well, the first major step in my life was my decision to spend half a year in NZ, at the Orewa College. It has been an eye-opening time full of realisation and developement, thanks to my host mother, the fact that I was ready for some new insights and the Kiwi life style in general. The second major step was leaving home after my graduation, and moving into sweet nescience, namely to Sweden. And the third one is happening just now: Moving once more to start my life as a university student in Germany. The world calls me like the wild geese, so I love travelling and exploring and am already planning the next times abroad.

Which interests?
I like watching closely, exploring something, really getting into something. That something could be anything, but the topics I’m always interested in are spirituality, religion and myth and all of that, and the enigmatic world of sex. Furthermore philosophy and psychology. I’m also part of the queer community and have a huge interest in body modification.
I explore by the means of art. Painting, poetry, music, photography. And, last but definitely not least, movies.

And as for the last point, which philosophies? Let me just put some names and labels out there that interest and inspire me: Hegel. Hölderlin. Schweitzer. Schiller. Holism. Leibniz. Social Anarchism. Neopaganism. Furthermore Patti Smith, Joseph Beuys, Stanley Kubrick, Nina Hagen, and Krzysztof Kieślowski.

So much for that. 😉